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Get back on track this summer by working smarter, not harder

As we enter the busy summer season, we’re behind the eight ball and facing unknown conditions as rolling lockdowns impact public behaviour and traffic conditions. This article from Mooven talks about how you can be ready for your summer projects now.

With the weather improving and lockdowns easing, we can expect to see increased traffic but where and why?  How will this impact Christmas shopping, people returning to work, when and where the roads will be busy? We can take some learning from 2020’s holiday season disruption, which saw a large swing to tourist locations that are popular with locals.

The Challenge of Delivering Projects

Construction and project managers are often tasked with the, almost, impossible – delivering projects on time and within budget after outside influences have materially impacted the project.  Case in point at the moment, covid lockdowns. With the right information, it’s easy to know what to do next.  Mooven can give you this timely context, saving significant time and money for project managers.  

What we do know is that we need to deliver a massive amount of work over the summer while also juggling the busiest time of year. While also needing to understand what the risks are, we can work towards improved productivity while striving to achieve zero harm on every project. 

Last year we saw some areas significantly busier than usual, which made the job of catching up on lost time more challenging, “With all of this uncertainty, how do we effectively plan our summer works?” 

Make up for lost time

Don’t Follow the Status Quo – Understand where you can change the rules
Rather than assuming you need to comply with the typical rules, think about how you can rapidly identify when and where to work, as well as how you can use live information to make use of lighter than expected traffic on the day. This information can be used to build a case for your wider stakeholders about a reduction in overall disruption.  Three key factors should be considered when looking to accelerate a project during uncertain times.

Expect the unexpected – By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail
We’ve seen large and unpredictable swings in traffic patterns over the last 18 months, with lockdowns and covid exacerbating these shifts. Popular local holiday spots are seeing massive increases in traffic and changing lockdown rules result in spikes around shopping centres. So when you’re planning work, think about how you’d respond to a rapid change in conditions and how you’ll find out in time so you can respond effectively.

Double down on safety –  Our people matters
It’s human nature to get accustomed to lighter traffic while working during lockdown conditions. This complacency can be deadly when traffic volumes rapidly increase. This effect is further magnified by drivers who are ‘out of practice’. As you plan for the summer you need to be intentional and deliberate around safety. Think about how you can identify where and when risks are occurring.

Nudge the public – It has more impact than you think
We’re constantly seeing practical benefits being delivered by providing smart and live traffic advice to the public through the use of mobile VMS boards. With Mooven, these engagement tools can be set up quickly and adjusted on-demand.  Not only can a wider view of your customer experience help manage complaints, it often also enables more efficient delivery.

About Mooven

Mooven was founded in 2017 by Micah Gabriels and Paul McDonnell, with a mission to improve construction project delivery and better mobility outcomes for the public. The platform enables its customers to use data to assist in planning optimum project timelines, project delivery, managing traffic disruption, minimising environmental impact, as well as improving engagement between all project parties involved.

Today, Mooven works with major construction firms and government authorities across Australia and New Zealand to accelerate delivery of major infrastructure projects while minimising impact.

This article is sponsored by Mooven and published by Roads & Infrastructure without any changes.

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