Access roads to SA’s Mount Barker set for major upgrades

Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Image: Shutterstock.

Planning has commenced on two potential upgrades for Adelaide Road in Mount Barker, as the South Australian Government aims to deliver infrastructure improvements to support urban growth in the area.

Up to $350,000 will be allocated to undertake concept planning and a strategic business case for an upgrade of the intersection at Adelaide, Alexandrina, Flaxley and Wellington Roads.

In addition, planning has begun to determine upgrade requirements for the Adelaide Road Interchange to the South Eastern Freeway.

The interchange is proposed to be upgraded as part of the $250 million Hahndorf Township Improvement and Access Upgrade Project, which is jointly funded by the Federal and South Australian governments on an 80:20 basis.

A community-led proposal to help preserve the historic character of Hahndorf’s main street – while also improving access and road safety in and around the Adelaide Hills township – has been developed following extensive local engagement.

Around 11,000 vehicles use the main street each day, including 480 heavy vehicles. Two-thirds of weekday peak-hour traffic is trips to or from the south of the town and 300 peak-hour road users have no purpose in the main street of Hahndorf.

Currently, there is no convenient alternative route for freight vehicles travelling northbound or southbound through the local area, so they need to use Mount Barker Road.

The preferred design proposes a new interchange in the Paechtown area, including a new freeway underpass, new connector road between Mount Barker Road and Echunga Road, and on and off-ramps providing full access towards the east and west.

A final decision on the preferred interchange option will be made by early 2022. The Hahndorf Township Improvement and Access Upgrade Project is expected to begin In mid 2022 and finish mid 2024.

SA’s Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Corey Wingard said the potential upgrades would reduce congestion and improve connectivity between the township and the freeway as local traffic increases over time.

“Each day, around 36,700 vehicles use the Interchange at the freeway and 23,900 vehicles use the roundabout at Alexandrina, Flaxley and Wellington roads,” he said.

“Through the Mount Barker Road Infrastructure Deed, we are working with the local council, landowners and developers to deliver the road upgrades that will be required to sustain the ongoing urban growth occurring in Mount Barker.”

The planned Adelaide Road upgrades complement other works identified in the Deed, which the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DIT) will deliver in conjunction with developers and Council.

These works include:

  • Springs Road/Heysen Boulevard roundabout – currently being constructed and expected to be completed in early 2022.
  • Flaxley Road/Rainbird Drive intersection upgrade includes a channelised right turn – the design works are underway with construction anticipated to commence in early 2022.
  • Wellington Road/Heysen Boulevard roundabout – DIT is expected to release a tender early 2022 with construction to follow.



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