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Increased funding for Canberra black spots to improve safety

The black spot at Mawson Drive in the Australian Capital Territory has been prioritised by the federal and state governments.

The governments announced nearly $800,000 dollars to be delivered under the Black Spot Program’s 2019-20 funding to improve the safety of Mawson Drive.

The area has been identified as an unsafe area for residents to cross the road.

There are two new black spot projects being funded in the ACT, the other as part of upgrades to Southern Cross Drive.

Senator for the ACT and Chair of the ACT Black Spot Consultative Panel, Zed Seselja said the panel that reviews priorities for the program includes representatives from the National Capital Authority, Pedal Power, ACT Motorcycle Riders Association, Australasian College of Road Safety and Transport Canberra.

“As a south-side local, I have a particular understanding of just how important these safety upgrades to Mawson Drive are,” Mr. Seselja said.

“The particular stretch of road we’re focussing on can be difficult to navigate as both a motorist and a pedestrian after a quick run to the shops.”

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics found that on average, black spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent.

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