Infrastructure Partnerships Australia congratulates the Coalition

Industry think tank Infrastructure Partnerships Australia (IFA) has congratulated the Federal Coalition on its 18 May election victory.

While votes are still being counted, the Coalition currently holds 75 of the 76 seats needed to win government – with ABC election analyst Antony Green predicting a final result of 77 seats.

IFA Chief Executive Adrian Dwyer said the infrastructure sector welcomed the election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, while commending Bill Shorten on a hard fought election campaign.

“The 2019 budget showed the Coalition Government takes infrastructure seriously, and now that rhetoric needs to convert into action,” Mr. Dwyer said.

“In this new term of parliament, there are a number of major issues that will need to be front and center on the Prime Minister’s infrastructure agenda.”

Mr. Dwyer said the Coalition will have to tackling long-term reform challenges including settling energy policy to end the investment strike, addressing the looming road funding crisis and driving big ticket infrastructure reforms to boost productivity.

“How Scott Morrison and his team confront these issues, and the lessons they draw from the election, will define the success of this term of government,” Mr. Dwyer said.

“The Coalition has already taken the sensible step of reversing the recent decline in funding for critical projects, lifting total infrastructure funding to $29.5 billion over the forward estimates.”

Mr. Dwyer said more also needed to be done to ensure Australia retains its reputation as a leader and global standard bearer for sound infrastructure policy.

“The national infrastructure sector looks forward to working with the Coalition Government to overcome the reform challenges ahead and supporting a reinvigorated infrastructure agenda,” Mr Dwyer said.

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