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Infrastructure Products Australia: All for one

Infrastructure Products Australia consists of AusPits, Cubis Systems, TRI Underground Australia.

Infrastructure Products Australia has expanded its products and services, now comprising a variety of businesses catering for major and minor infrastructure projects. Roads & Infrastructure Magazine talks to some of the business heads to learn more about the enterprise.

Through the acquisition of three key brandlines – Aus Pits, Cubis Systems and TRI Underground – Infrastructure Products Australia has expanded its range and capacity to cater for construction and infrastructure projects of all sizes. 

Cubis Systems is a prime example of the strengths and benefits of external acquisitions. 

With a growing portfolio, the company provides products and services across rail, roads, telecoms, water, defence, ports, stormwater and more.

Trevor Schaefer, National Projects Manager – Cubis Systems says the company’s multidisciplinary approach ensures that customers can have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their infrastructure needs.

“We work closely with the design team to find a solution-based result,” Schaefer says. “At Infrastructure Products Australia we’re able to collaborate with other parts of the business to deliver a desirable project outcome. 

“A good example is the Gold Coast Light Rail project in Queensland. I’m working with the engineers that are installing the underground combined service routes to run the electric cabling and signalling. At the same time my colleagues are working with the same company to supply all of the stormwater products.”

Infrastructure Products Australia’s network now exceeds eight manufacturing sites with two storage facilities nationally, in part thanks to the constant expansion of the business.

“It’s provided new site locations to where we may have had a gap in our offering, we’re now picking up more market share by adding new products to our existing range,” Schaefer says.

Infrastructure Products Australia value partnerships and their ability to provide custom pit solutions.
Infrastructure Products Australia value partnerships and their ability to provide custom pit solutions.

Engineered quality 

AusPits is just one of the several companies that forms part of Infrastructure Products Australia. 

Grant Montgomery, Business Development Manager – Aus Pits says the company specialises in custom precast concrete solutions for the construction industry. He adds that Infrastructure Products Australia’s unique approach to client and project outcomes sets the organisation apart from the rest, especially when it comes to the value that it sees in partnerships and solutions.

“Our National Projects team expertly manage the project from PO to delivery. For the subcontractor this means that we’re supporting them all the way through until completion,” he says. 

These project teams are capable of running multiple projects at any given time. Montgomery says once a project engineer and project coordinator has been allocated, the Infrastructure Products Australia team hits the ground running. 

“Project engineers and civil contractors can have a single point of contact, to arrange manufacturing, delivery and compliance that’s required behind the scenes based on the client’s project drawings,” he says.

The National Projects team is only the beginning of Infrastructure Products Australia’s service offering across Australia. Infrastructure Products Australia can provide expertise and planning for heavy lifts, even for oversized pits that require 30 tonne cranes, support vehicles and more to transport large pits to their final destination. 

Infrastructure Products Australia also has in-house engineers who are developing new products and innovating to improve safety, quality, efficiencies and product longevity. 

This month Infrastructure Products Australia are set to release Pit-to-Pipe Connector – an innovation designed and engineered in-house. 


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Pit-to-Pipe will completely change the way industry connects pipes to pits, making it safer, more efficient, and more sustainable by reducing the amount of concrete used and making the connection between pipe and pit consistent. 

Montgomery says the industry should keep its eye out for this new release.

He adds that the team is constantly working to push the envelope. He adds that it’s exciting to see the growth of Infrastructure Products Australia and expects the company to go from strength to strength.

“I’m proud of the way that Infrastructure Products Australia has grown. We still have that family feel, especially with our relationships with both industry and clients,” Montgomery says.

“Some of those relationships go back 20 to 30 years.”

Infrastructure Products Australia provides a suite of solutions for infrastructure projects..
Infrastructure Products Australia provides a suite of solutions for infrastructure projects.

Broadening focus 

Infrastructure Products Australia is proud of its recent acquisition of TRI Underground Australia, a company dedicated to the production and design of custom underground components.

Dane Edwards, National Sales Manager – TRI Underground Australia says that while the company shares similar services with other Infrastructure Products Australia subsidiaries, the company shines in its development of products for specific regions and applications, such as Queensland.

“TRI has been in operation for 20 years and we primarily do PVC conduits, bends and fittings for the electrical and civil market,” he says. “We also do cable joining pipe covers, as well as precast elements.

“There’s a lot of synergies between our product offerings and the other IPA businesses as well.”

Edwards says TRI’s business was built on a foundation of strong customer service.

“[Infrastructure Products Australia] is a heavy customer focus business and our entire business model revolves around that,” Edwards says. “We’ve achieved a reputation of going above and beyond to turn things around to meet the clients’ deadlines. We also have a lot of stock, more than some of our competitors.

“We sometimes have road authorities who need 20 custom products, that have been specifically designed just for one application. We’re always happy to take on that challenge.”

Another example is TRI’s recent works on in Brisbane, developing a product to protect traffic signal cabinets, the functional computer responsible for coordinating traffic lights. 

The company is also working to develop new flood mitigation products, as well as security upgrades to stem cable thefts.

Throughout his six and a half years at the company, Edwards says a standout has been the expansion of TRI’s products nationally, in particular throughout Queensland.

“We’ve maintained important contracts with the Queensland TMR, as well as PVC and concrete supply agreements with Queensland Energy. There’s been some big developments on the product development side,” he says.

“There’s currently a big focus on New South Wales at the moment and we’re looking to grow on that into Victoria. We’ll also be looking to leverage the synergies with the other IPA brands to continue that growth.”

Kevin Savory, Infrastructure Products Australia Managing Director says the team is incredibly proud of the product and service offering they’re able to bring to market. 

“Although you don’t see the end product, we are a huge part of future-proofing stormwater, communication and electrical infrastructure across Australia for generations to come,” he says.

“We’ll continue to grow partnerships and innovate to make our mark in Australia.” 

This article was originally published in the October edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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