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The Ohio conference provided an opportunity for U.S and international participants to share progress on the introduction of updated designs for long life pavements, and to report on project performance from the NCAT test track and full-scale projects.

Keynote speakers were Mike Acott, NAPgtr-news-AAPAOhio-lgeA President, and Prof. Matt Witczak of Arizona and Maryland Universities. The speakers covered the role of Perpetual Pavements meeting customer needs and also redefined the meaning of Perpetual Pavements.

A presentation of importance to the Australian delegates was delivered by Bevan Sullivan, Fulton Hogan’s National Technical Manager, who reported findings from a paper titled “Development of a Validated Design Procedure for Australian Long Life Pavements”. The paper, supported by AAPA, was well received with much interaction from the conference participants.

Also presenting at the conference was Dr David Timm of Auburn University providing an update on the “Perpetual Pavement Research at the NCAT Test Track”. David will be joining us at the 2015 AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference in September on the Gold Coast to share his latest design knowledge and research findings.

Findings from the outreach

The findings from the outreach tour to the US will be widely circulated in the coming months.

Come along to an AAPA Breakfast session near you to hear study tour participants initial impressions and implementable findings. Visit and click on Brand & Social Events to register.
Presentations from the breakfasts will also be available to download via the AAPA website.  

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