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IPMS: Ahead of the game

By using Integrated Project Management Systems’ software, project stakeholders can centralise communication around potential traffic management risks. Image: IPMS.

For the first time, the infrastructure sector now has a temporary traffic management system, that centralises all communications and provides real-time progress visibility and transparency for clients, government agencies, principal contractors and subcontractors. 

As for the engineering industry, engineers always believed that there are better ways of doing things and understood that the current utilised tools did not centralise the communications, nor did they provide adequate transparency, direct visibility and consistency. 

Previously as a Traffic Engineer working in mega projects, Mustafa Smeida saw the need in the market for an advanced tool to simplify doing traffic management administrative works for all relevant teams within the project. 

“Although there was a previous system attempt that only served a specific project scope, there wasn’t a single software available to manage all temporary traffic management projects’ scopes and requirements. Engineers and other teams were still relying on spreadsheets, emails and phone calls to communicate, which came at a big price,” Smeida says.

Integrated Project Management Systems Founder and Managing Director Mustafa Smeida. Image: IPMS.
Integrated Project Management Systems Founder and Managing Director Mustafa Smeida. Image: IPMS.

Using his personal experience as a key driver, Smeida set about finding the solution to close the gap and alleviate the need for multiple programs. This led to the formation of Integrated Project Management Systems (IPMSystems) in 2019, which initiated and introduced its flagship development, a software for Temporary Traffic Management. 

TOOFA is a bespoke software that is developed by traffic team experts who worked in the temporary traffic management industry. TOOFA is the first in the market that aims to simplify and consolidate the construction/utilities temporary traffic management booking needs, from planning to resource scheduling and management, all the way to implementation and completion.


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On a project level, TOOFA is the centralised platform that provides quality assurance, document control, risk optimisation for scheduling, cost management and builds historical data for easy audits from anywhere at any time. 

But growing the business and its platform did present multiple challenges. One of the biggest being the need to develop a system that could cater for one of Australia’s most dynamic industries. 

“Our intention was to ensure that TOOFA is compatible and adaptable for all projects, regardless of scope and requirements. Something that current utilised tools cannot offer,” Smeida says.

 “We believe that such a platform would need to be flexible to satisfy constantly moving goal posts around specifications, infrastructure delivery and the infrastructure pipeline. One of the main reasons why IPMSystems is heavily invested in constant adaption and development.

“We were fortunate to have Sydney Gateway mega project signup to use TOOFA as our first project. TOOFA’s value has been apparent, with the platform still being used as works progress on the project.”

Lee Vossen, Traffic Manager – Seymour Whyte Construction. Image: NSW Government.
Lee Vossen, Traffic Manager – Seymour Whyte Construction. Image: NSW Government.

Lee Vossen Traffic Manager – Seymour Whyte Construction says working with the TOOFA software has increased quality and productivity in the traffic booking workflow processes. 

“The ability to understand your historical resourcing, costing and future data within a few clicks is invaluable. The simplicity of having the latest TGS’s and occupancy licences automatically linked to the TGS takes the error out of having incorrect information in the field on a shift-by-shift basis and adds comfort in the quality and auditing processes,” Vossen says. 

“Further, the additional benefit of capturing incidents on the server allows for a complete project traffic management platform in a single location, all to hand.” 

TOOFA has also been utilised by a number of other projects in New South Wales and Victoria. These projects include some of Australia’s and the world’s largest tier one contractors and subcontractors. 

“IPMSystems’ culture of continuous improvement has translated to its platform, with on-going updates being made to TOOFA software with feedback from clients and industry standards. This extends to ease of use for the users,” Smeida says.

Smeida says taking the decision to invest a substantial amount of money and time was one of the hardest steps ever taken but the result was worth it. 

He says he’s excited for what the future holds. 

IPMSystems encourages companies in the infrastructure sector to continue investing in system innovations for the temporary traffic management activities. 

Investing in TOOFA software on a project level, will increase efficiency, productivity and cost management. 

Whilst, investing on a company level will assist with better management and allocation for the traffic team resources, leading to greater productivity and cost saving. 

This article was originally published in the April edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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