ISCA rebrands to Infrastructure Sustainability Council

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) will henceforth be known by its new identity, the Infrastructure Sustainability Council, or the IS Council – a change that acknowledges the industry peak-body’s operations in countries other than Australia.

“The transition to the Infrastructure Sustainability Council acknowledges our vision and is deeply aligned with our purpose,” a statement by the IS Council noted today.

“The impact we enable was central to shaping our new identity. We recognise that we operate in countries other than Australia. We want to honour progress and amplify our ability to accelerate change through collaboration. This means respectfully acknowledging the continued commitment and contributions from our member whānau and stakeholders in Aotearoa New Zealand.”

The circle in the new IS Council logo is symbolic.

“The circle represents what we do, how we do it and why we do it – because better never stops. It signifies that it’s never too late to start, nor does it matter where you start, only that you get started. It encourages inclusivity, circularity, and resilience,” IS Council noted.

The four arrows in the logo represent the opportunities associated with infrastructure:

  • the quadruple bottom line: governance, economic, environment and social
  • the lifecycle of infrastructure: from planning, design, construction into operations
  • the types of infrastructure: transport, utility, blue/green and social
  • the whole-of-life benefits delivered: cultural, social, environmental, and economic.

The IS Council’s IS Rating Scheme is the sustainability standard used across Australia and New Zealand’s to drive best practice and promote continuous improvement in infrastructure. IS is a comprehensive scheme for evaluating the governance, economic, social and environmental outcomes across the asset lifecycle.

This month, the IS Council released the latest version of its IS Rating Schemes Design and As Built tool – used to help identify and deliver economic, social and environmental opportunities and benefits in the design and construction phases of infrastructure projects.

The IS Rating Scheme will continue to drive global best practice in infrastructure, the IS Council asserted.

“Our roots will always be proudly Australian; however, we accept that there is more to do, and that our near neighbours also deserve to reap the long-term benefits of sustainable infrastructure for their intergenerational livelihoods.”

Stakeholders have been encouraged to share their perspectives with the IS Council through ISC’s Annual Survey. All members stand the chance to win two tickets to the Annual ISConnect Gala Awards. Please click here to complete the survey.

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