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JV awarded Fitzroy River Bridge contract

Damage to Fitzroy River Bridge caused by Hurricane Ellie

Georgiou Group and BMD Constructions have been named as the preferred proponent to deliver the new Fitzroy River Bridge in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Main Roads and design consultant BG&E will also be involved in the project.  

The Fitzroy River Bridge was hit by Tropical Cyclone Ellie in late December 2022, causing significant damage to the structure which now requires major works. These repairs are set to begin in May 2023.  

The Fitzroy River Bridge Replacement will include the construction of a two-lane bridge over the Fitzroy River, provision of a pedestrian pathway, bridge approaches to connect the new bridge to the existing great Northern Freeway and modification of utility services required for the construction of the works.  


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Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King said the project would provide an improved connection and greater flood resiliency to the community. 

“Progress on replacing the Fitzroy Crossing Bridge and ensuring the local community benefits from the economic activity the project will generate is great news for the people of Fitzroy Crossing,” King said. 

“A permanent, and more resilient bridge not only restores the connection for the communities on the two sides of the river but also provides more certainty about freight routes.”  

$80 million will be provided by the WA and Commonwealth governments to undertake emergency road recovery works. 

Preliminary design investigations are already underway, with site works expected to begin in May 2023. The bridge is expected to be operational by the end of 2024.  

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