Legislation to guide development of Caboolture West in SEQ

Legislation to guide development of Caboolture West, in South-East Queensland
Image courtesy of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Special legislation will be introduced to plan and control the future development of Caboolture West, which has been identified as SEQ’s largest greenfield area where approximately 30,000 homes could be built for around 70,000 people.

The legislative amendments aim to improve coordination between the state and local governments and utilities, ensure housing remains affordable and the planning system is more adequately equipped to manage the challenges associated with accommodating a growing population for Caboolture West.

As part of this coordination, a Growth Areas Program has been created to provide a mechanism for government, councils, developers and the industry to keep up with the increase in demand for land, housing and the supporting infrastructure that comes with it.

The Growth Areas Program includes the new priority growth areas Bill; identifying the next Priority Growth Area/s; infrastructure planning with Council for the Caboolture West Priority Growth Area; a discussion paper about a more equitable infrastructure charging framework; exploring ways to grow the supply of social and affordable housing to deliver on initiatives under the Queensland Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025.

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development and Planning Steven Miles said up to nine primary schools and four secondary schools as well as a major state transport corridor are among key facilities and amenities needed to support the new urban development.

“State Cabinet has approved the preparation of a bill to formally recognise Caboolture West as a Priority Growth Area. Planning Regulations will also be amended so work keeps progressing on delivering the first 3000 homes along with all the new infrastructure they require,” Miles said.

“Planning by the state and council for the original pilot site was now well underway as part of a broader package of initiatives to respond to land supply and growth challenges.”

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Peter Flannery said Caboolture West will be the next big thing in southeast Queensland and stressed the importance of delivering suitable land use planning before work begins.

“We want to ensure this master planned community is a very desirable place to live. In NDP1 (Neighbourhood Development Plan 1) we are anticipating a diverse range of housing options with walkable neighbourhoods, several local parks, a district scale sports facility, a primary school, and local shopping facilities,” Flannery said.

“Critical to the success of this project will be upgrades to roads, footpaths and cycleways in the area to support its growth, provide travel efficiencies for the existing communities that surround the NDP1 area.”

The Queensland Government has already provided $10.5 million in loan funding from the Building Acceleration Fund to deliver water supply and sewage networks and a sewage pumping station.

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