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Lintec & Linnhoff eyes Australian success for CDP range

Lintec & Linnhoff is introducing its CDP range of continuous asphalt mixing plants in Australia.

Recognising the huge demands in the market, global asphalt and concrete equipment company Lintec & Linnhoff is building its presence in the country, starting with the CDP range of continuous asphalt mixing plants.

The global construction industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic and is on its path to recovery. According to Future of Construction,” a forecast report produced by Oxford Economics and Marsh McLennan companies Marsh and Guy Carpenter, the construction industry is set to be a global engine for economic growth and recovery from COVID-19. And within this global construction drive, Australia is perfectly placed, sitting among the top 10 global construction markets and well-positioned to accelerate infrastructure development, which has a forecasted annual growth rate of 3.4 per cent between 2020 and 2030.

Recognising the huge potential and demands in the Australian construction market, Lintec & Linnhoff, a global asphalt and concrete equipment company, is looking to build its presence in the country, starting with the introduction of Lintec’s CDP range of continuous asphalt mixing plants, which are ideal for infrastructure development to suit the requirements of Australian projects. Known for their high mobility, reliability and environmental-friendly features, Lintec’s CDP range tick a lot of boxes for companies looking to take on road construction projects.

“We have identified Lintec’s CDP4000C, CDP5001M and CDP12000M as suitable options for the Australian market,” Lee Yen Meng, CEO at Lintec & Linnhoff Asphalt, tells Roads & Infrastructure. “These models can tackle all needs for Australian road-building projects, and fulfil Australia’s high standards for sustainability.”

Tailored selections

While known for its vast expanses, Australia is also one of the world’s most urban nations, with nearly 90 per cent of its population living in cities. Connecting these centres with better roads and transport options will be key to maintaining the country’s ongoing advancement. As such, mobility and flexibility are a high priority for roadbuilders tasked with creating the huge highways that define road travel in the country.

Lintec’s CDP5001M asphalt mixing comes with a mobile framework with built-in chassis.

Lintec’s CDP4000C asphalt mixing plant has a production capacity of 20-40 tonnes of hot mix asphalt per hour. With its containerised design, the CDP4000C is easy to install and has a small footprint, making it an ideal choice for sites where space is at a premium. From the CDP range, this plant is the only model with all of its components housed in a 40-foot high cube sea container for easy land transportation and economic sea shipment.

Meanwhile, the CDP5001M asphalt mixing plant boasts a production capacity of 30-50 tonnes of hot mix asphalt per hour. The ‘M’ stands for mobile, as the CDP5001M plant comes with a mobile framework with built-in chassis, making it especially easy to transport and fast to install. In addition, the plant includes a bitumen and fuel tank system, turning the CDP5001M into a fully integrated mobile plant.

For more demanding projects that require higher output capacity, Lintec’s CDP12000M is the best choice. The plant has a production capacity of 100-120 tonnes of hot mix asphalt per hour, and is designed primarily for mobile (thanks to its built-in chassis) but it is equally adept at stationary use, providing flexibility to the owner.

Lintec’s CDP12000M has a production capacity of 100-120 tonnes of hot mix asphalt per hour.

Lintec’s CDP continuous asphalt plants include a cold aggregate feeding system, a counterflow drying drum with an automatic burner, an external twin-shaft pugmill mixer to help produce a more homogenous asphalt mix, a drag slat conveyor to discharge hot mix asphalt, and an external baghouse filter for pollution control. Plant operations are automatically controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system that allows the operator to manage all functions from inside the control cabin. The plants also offer remote access via the internet, so the project management team can monitor progress, troubleshoot and activate program updates from any location. Setup on-site is swift thanks to the plants’ ability to operate on solid compacted ground without the need for concrete foundations.

Sustainability in the spotlight

Australia’s ongoing commitment to sustainability in the construction sector is expected to continue, and with this in mind, all Lintec asphalt plants are designed with environmental-friendly features. The CDP asphalt plants have an external baghouse filter to ensure a low particulate emission rate.

Lintec’s CDP series of continuous asphalt plants are adopted extensively in Latin America.

According to Mr Lee, Lintec’s CDP series of continuous asphalt plants are proven performers in many other parts of the world.

“For example, in Latin America the CDP range is one of the most popular choices for roadbuilding with the CDP5001M featuring on a range of recent projects, including highway repairs in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the upgrade of the Tranche III Road in Guatemala,” he said.

“The easy transportation, reliable production output and compact design of our CDP range have helped us win many customers in the Latin American market. We are confident the range can be just as successful – if not more successful – here in Australia.”

Lintec & Linnhoff is a global manufacturer and distributor of solutions for the asphalt and concrete industries under the Lintec, Linnhoff and Eurotec brand names. Its products include asphalt mixing plants, concrete batching plants, pavement-related technologies and machinery, and specialist concrete cooling solutions.

This article was originally published in the April edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.


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