LSM leading the way on tyre monitoring safety

LSM Technology is leading the way in tyre and fleet monitoring systems.

LSM Technologies’ TyreGuard® Tyre Monitoring System is all about heavy vehicle safety.

Truck safety issues, such as heavy vehicle fires and roll-overs, are on the rise in Australia, according to Life Saving Mitigation (LSM) Technologies.

It says safety mitigation technology is now coming under renewed focus by Australian regulators, legislators and heavy vehicle organisations.

An example of regulator involvement in heavy vehicle safety mandates is the recent ARTSA institute truck fires program, which was sponsored by LSM Technologies and funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator/ National Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative grant to enhance public and workplace safety in the transport industry.

The program shows that truck and heavy vehicle safety technology is more important than ever, requiring a variety of features to keep truck drivers and our roads safe for the public.

This is where LSM Technologies fits in. LSM offers Tyre Monitoring (TM) Systems that are a proven mitigation technology and make sense for modern heavy vehicles travelling on Australian roads to have installed.

LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems are a unique piece of technology that help all heavy vehicle drivers assess the state of the vehicle’s tyres and provide alerts of any potential risks or dangers to the driver before an accident can occur on roads.

LSM’s TyreGuard® technology aims to help maximise tyre service life on trucks.

LSM TyreGuard provides multiple decades of field proven TMSystems that cover all types of heavy vehicles.

LSM TyreGuard® MTR360 is one of the most advanced TMSystems for multi-truck and trailer combinations  integrated with the vehicle to ensure tyre pressure and temperature dangers can be picked up quicker than ever before to allow drivers to avoid serious situations whilst on the road.

LSM Technologies was founded in 2002 and features many Australian owned and developed safety mitigations controls. LSM’s technology works by integrating with existing vehicle systems to monitor live tyre pressure and wheel temperature data.

Tyre pressure and wheel temperature data is transmitted from robust wireless, valve-stem mounted tyre sensors that then constantly display data on LSM’s TyreGuard® In Cabin Monitor, which is mounted inside the driver’s cabin.

The TMSystems Monitor provides alerts and warnings directly to the driver regarding various low tyre pressures, fast leaks, high pressure and temperature problems that can occur while driving across Australia, while also issuing the driver with data to take immediate corrective action if necessary.

Another unique and Australian designed LSM technology is its FSM® Fleet Safety (Tracking) Manager telematics, which is an intuitive web browser with a single click access to fleet dashboards, customisable reports and compliance tools, as well as real time user defined alerts for remote access anywhere in the world.

LSM’s TyreGuard® technology aims to help maximise tyre service life on trucks, avoid wheel well fires due to locked brakes, avoid blow-outs, explosions and wheel offs whilst also optimising fuel efficiency to cut costs and enhance vehicle braking and traction control.

But this technology can also save extensive labour costs required to check and monitor tyre pressures, enhance productivity, eliminate schedule delays, and avoid dangerous events to prioritise safety.

The LSM TyreGuard® MTR360 can monitor 180 tyre sensors on large multi-truck and trailer combination rigs and low loaders.

Other LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems are available to suit other heavy vehicles on our roads such as buses, cranes, waste trucks, defence and emergency vehicles, sweepers, road construction and many more,

With so much emphasis being placed on heavy vehicle safety currently to ensure drivers and the public are kept in the safest possible conditions, LSM Technologies’ TMSystems is only one part of the evolving safety mitigation technologies that may be mandated on all Australian heavy vehicles going forward.

For example, Transport for New South Wales’ (TfNSW) latest BC17/18562 specification mandates TMSystems for all buses operating within NSW since 2017, where LSM has provided its mitigation technology in the state for up to 4,000 buses to date.

Further proposed Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and vehicle specifications are being established on heavy vehicles to improve safety for the workplace and public.

These include ADR 97/00 for automatic emergency braking to avoid high speed rear end crashes, ADR 108/00 for reversing technologies and the TS160 (buses) for ParkBrake failsafe and the elimination of uncontrolled rollaways.

LSM Technologies is also developing other Australian designed and produced mitigation controls, including its upcoming LSM Sentinel® VSS Vehicle Safety System.

This unique and internationally patented technology will provide an array of mitigation devices to fulfil the above ADRs and vehicle specification compliances.

Included in LSM Technologies is dashcam recording, driver behaviour monitoring, advanced driver assistance, cabin environmental monitoring, anti-theft and authorised access control, and many others to follow.

When combined, these LSM Technologies Safety Controls will all integrate into the LSM Sentinel® VSS, a single central logic controller and in-cabin display to sit at the forefront of heavy vehicle protective technology.

To download the LSM TyreGuard® MTR360 brochure, click here.

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