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Mainmark: Innovative ground improvement solutions

Teretek Resin Injection is used as a ground strengthening and liquefaction mitigation solution at a waste water treatment plant.

Roads, airports, ports, and wastewater treatment plants serve as the lifeblood of modern communities. As the pioneers of Resin Injection Technology in Australia, Mainmark offers innovative solutions to proactively maintain and rehabilitate these essential facilities, ensuring their durability and longevity for the future.

A mere two years ago, the closure of Sunshine Coast Airport’s runway due to a sinkhole served as a poignant reminder of the fragility beneath the surface of seemingly robust infrastructure. Such incidents underscore the critical importance of maintaining and improving aging infrastructure. This is particularly the case in regional areas where its functionality is paramount to public safety and economic continuity.

Since 1989, Mainmark has been at the forefront of providing advanced and effective solutions to remediate and extend the life of existing infrastructure. Led by individuals like Sasanka Gunawardana, Technical Manager for Mainmark in Queensland, the company is committed to understanding and addressing the underlying challenges infrastructure asset managers face.

Underlain soil conditions are crucial for the stability of built structures in infrastructure maintenance. Mainmark emphasises the significance of assessing soil properties to determine the most effective ground improvement solutions tailored to each unique project. 

Terefil being applied as anengineered lightweight subgrade alternative.
Terefil being applied as an engineered lightweight subgrade alternative.

Whether enhancing load-bearing capacity, composite stiffness, or mitigating liquefaction risks, Mainmark’s suite of technologies offers bespoke solutions to address diverse soil conditions and project requirements. 

There are unique challenges posed by critical infrastructure such as airports and seaports. For example, these are sites where large-scale vehicle movements exert significant stress on engineered pavements over time. 

“Unforeseen circumstances like weakened subgrade soils can precipitate pavement failures,” says Gunawardana. “This underscores the need for proactive maintenance measures to avert disruptions to business operations and public services.”

Conversely, the resilience of infrastructure assets like wastewater treatment plants is paramount, given the potentially far-reaching impacts of extended shutdowns or failures on public health and environmental integrity. 

Herein lies the crux of Mainmark’s mission: to provide innovative ground improvement solutions that fortify infrastructure and safeguard the well-being of communities and the environment.


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Ground Improvement Technologies

Mainmark’s approach to ground improvement is characterised by close collaboration with engineers, asset owners, and managers to comprehensively assess each project’s unique requirements. By analysing root causes and operational complexities, the company ensures the delivery of tailored and optimal solutions. Mainmark specialises in advanced ground improvement methods. 

 “Ground improvement modifies a soil’s properties, improving its load-bearing capacity and other mechanical properties. Mainmark specialises in delivering a suite of technologies that cover densification, solidification, and soil replacement methods,” Gunawardana says.

Teretek Resin Injection

Ground Improvement with Teretek is a testament to Mainmark’s commitment to innovation. This resin injection technology enables the enhancement of soil properties beneath existing structures, offering a versatile solution for subgrade improvement, void filling, and releveling. By densifying the soil and improving its stiffness and bearing capacity, Teretek ensures the long-term stability of critical infrastructure assets.


Mainmark’s Terefil® technology provides an advanced lightweight cellular concrete for soil replacement, large void filling, and pipe abandonment. In areas with challenging ground conditions, Mainmark employs Soil Replacement with Terefil to create lightweight rafts prior to building construction. 

Excavation showing Teretek resin and soil matrix.
Excavation showing Teretek resin and soil matrix.

“This engineered lightweight, cellular concrete replaces existing soil, reducing weight on underlying soils and providing consistent higher strength and stiffness properties that can be tailored to suit project requirements,” Gunawardana says.

“Such solutions exemplify Mainmark’s dedication to addressing the multifaceted challenges of ground improvement with precision and efficacy. From roads and pavements to wastewater treatment plants, seaports, airports, and bridges, Mainmark’s solutions are applied to a diverse array of infrastructure assets.”

Enhancing infrastructure resilience

In an era defined by the imperative of resilient infrastructure development, Mainmark takes pride in being an industry leader in the field of innovative ground improvement solutions.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Japan, Mainmark continues to expand its global footprint and is poised for further growth and innovation.

As Mainmark continues to expand into new territories, its legacy of excellence in infrastructure maintenance remains steadfast, ensuring the stability and longevity of vital assets for many years. 

This article was originally published in the June edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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