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Mainmark: Road and infrastructure remediation experts

Teretek resin injection is a fast, non-disruptive and economical solution for re-levelling subsided pavements and structures. Image: Mainmark.

Mainmark has revolutionised ground engineering and asset preservation with innovative solutions and technologies, providing efficient and effective forms of infrastructure remediation. 

As infrastructure ages and the population increases, the strain on existing infrastructure assets will only increase.

This strain sometimes exceeds capabilities, leading to necessary remediation and replacement. 

Conventional methods of infrastructure rehabilitation often require excavation, leading to lengthy delays and interruption to operations, that not only extend the overall on-site programme, but also create significant inconvenience to the public. 

With over three decades of experience and knowledge in leading, developing and delivering the most advanced and accurate ground improvement, re-levelling, and void-filling solutions, Mainmark specialises in minimising costs and disruptions, across residential, commercial, infrastructure and mining sectors. 

With over 82,000 completed projects across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom, Mainmark has built a global reputation for delivering innovative solutions to some of the most iconic projects in the world, earning international recognition as an award-winning ground engineering organisation.

Teretek resin injection process. Images: Mainmark.
Teretek resin injection process. Images: Mainmark.


As the pioneers of Teretek resin injection technology in Australia, Mainmark has successfully grown its global presence over the last 35 years and today has 18 office locations worldwide. 

Teretek Resin Injection is a fast, non-disruptive, and economical solution for filling voids, re-levelling subsided structures and improving ground. 

Teretek Resin Injection is a technology that has been qualified, tested, and adopted by infrastructure authorities across Australia. 

Teretek materials expand in a controlled manner, allowing their targeted placement to fill voids, reconfirm support, and raise subsided structures with precision. 


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One of the main benefits of this technology is its ability to restore serviceability to an asset quickly and economically. As soon as the repair is completed, the area can be reopened to traffic and full use.

The use of Teretek is often utilised as a proactive approach to maintaining and strengthening assets to extend their life and minimise disruption to operations before significant deterioration sets in. 

The product is environmentally inert: non-toxic and does not leach into the environment or negatively affect the treated area. 


Mainmark’s Terefil technology provides an advanced lightweight cellular concrete for soil replacement, large void filling, and pipe abandonment. 

Terefil is a highly flowable cementitious material that can be easily pumped over very long distances. 

It is an engineered, lightweight and strong product that is far more versatile than traditional bulk void-fill materials.

Courtesy of Mainmark.


Mainmark’s innovative technologies and processes have a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional methods via efficient processes that avoid demolition, excavation, the creation of waste, substantially cutting down on production and transportation emissions. 

Engineered Solutions

Mainmark’s in-house engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with various stakeholders throughout the infrastructure, commercial and mining sectors, including government and other major facility and asset owners and their engineering teams.

Successfully delivering projects for airports, rail, ports, roads and bridges, heritage listed buildings, utilities, public buildings and mining.

Mainmark’s innovative, non-invasive, non-disruptive and economical asset repair and preservation solutions proactively fortify and preserve infrastructure. 

For further information about Mainmark’s solutions and technologies or to talk to an expert about a specific project, click here.  

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