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Major construction begins on Calder Drive LXRP

Major construction begins on Calder Drive LXRP

Major works have commenced at Calder Park Drive to build a new road bridge as part of a level crossing removal project on the Sunbury Line in Victoria.

Removing the level crossing at the Sunbury line will help to reduce congestion, improve safety and increase the frequency and volume of trains running on the line.

The removal will also see a nearby level crossing at Holden Road closed permanently, increasing the efficiency and safety of the connection for the 10,000 motorists who use pass through these crossings daily. These level crossings are also down for up to 20 per cent of the morning peak.


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Piling works are underway to build the foundations of the new road bridge, with a temporary road being built to reduce disruptions on the local community.

Across Melbourne, 110 dangerous and congested level crossings are being removed by 2030, with 72 already gone for good, boosting safety and easing congestion. The Sunbury Line will be level crossing free by 2025.

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