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Major overhaul for Cannington and Queens Park stations

Cannington and Queens Park stations.

Cannington and Queens Park stations, Western Australia, are reaching new heights with a major overhaul as part of the METRONET Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal Project.

The Victoria Park-Canning level crossing removal is Perth’s first major elevated rail. It has been designed to improve public transport safety, create new and versatile public space for the community and reduce traffic congestion.

Overall, six level crossings will be removed along the Armadale Line and new modern elevated stations will be built at Carlisle, Oats Street, Queens Park, Cannington and Beckenham stations.


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The new Cannington station and bus interchange is expected to modernise facilities and increase capacity.

The station will include 16 bus stands, 290 parking bays, lift, escalators and stairs.

Queens Park station will be built closer to Hamilton Street. The project will include a forecourt as part of the removal of both level crossings at Hamilton and Wharf streets by raising the rail.

The station will include 90 parking bays, lifts and stairs and the removal of the Hamilton Street level crossing.

The community will have an opportunity to comment on the public spaces as part of the formal development application to the City of Canning in the coming months.

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