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Meeting challenges in civil construction and earthworks

Meeting challenges in civil construction and earthworks: A collaborative approach

Material supplied by Motion 

Infrastructure is an important driver of economic growth, productivity and skills in the regions and cities of Australia.

The Australian Government announced in the 2022-2023 Federal Budget, that a delivery of $9.6 billion of election commitments would be allocated for vital infrastructure projects across Australia – enabling increases in trade, investment and employment opportunities needed to boost the economy1.

“As a multitude of significant projects continues to unfold across the nation, the combination of heightened workload, demands on machinery reliability, and a commitment to safety practices presents its unique set of challenges,” says Ross Lee, Business Development Manager-HME Mining and Construction at Motion.

With the after-effects of the global pandemic having left major civil projects delayed and under-resourced2, Lee emphasises the importance of a collaborative approach in keeping the civil construction and earthworks sector afloat.

“Motion understands the present challenges confronting this sector, emphasising the significance of collaboration. Motion works as a centralised hub, offering access to essential equipment and machinery products and maintenance services, regardless of the customers location,” Lee says.

With fluctuations in material availability affecting project planning and budgeting across the sector, Lee highlights Motion’s extensive range of product offerings.

“Our foundation offerings encompass a diverse selection, including bearings for various equipment and specific applications, shaft sealing devices, and hydraulic components associated with all classes of construction machinery. Motion aims to support this sector in overcoming procurement challenges and maintaining operations, ultimately helping to meet tight timelines and deliver successful projects,” Lee says.

Safe Work Australia reported in 2022, that the construction industry had the fourth highest fatality rate per 100,000 employees in 20213. Due to the sector being a high-risk industry, Lee expresses the importance of proper safety protocols.

“We are constantly exploring ways to enhance safety, reduce maintenance demands and minimise potential harm, encompassing improvements in various aspects. And when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment, from earplugs and earmuffs to barriers and safety signs, there isn’t much that we can’t supply to the workers and businesses in the sector,” says Lee.

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