Melbourne’s Hallam Road level crossing gone, new station taking shape

Melbourne’s Hallam Road level crossing gone, new station taking shape
Image courtesy of the Victorian Government.

Hallam Road’s level crossing in south-east Melbourne has now been removed, with a new rail bridge built and new station now taking shape.

The level crossing had previously been the site of 14 near misses in the past 10 years, 11 involving pedestrians and three involving vehicles.

Trains and vehicles have now been separated, with trains using the new, 394-metre long rail bridge built over Hallam Road, while vehicles will travel underneath.

The rail bridge is expected to slash travel times for more than 20,000 vehicles which use the road every day, and improve connections between Cranbourne, Springs Square and Hampton Park Town Centre.

Extensive site investigations and engineering assessments found the rail bridge design was the best way to remove the level crossing.

Construction crews will now focus on completing the new, elevated Hallam Station, which is set to open on Monday 2 May. It will feature a new forecourt, improved parking and safer pedestrian and cycling links through the station precinct, as well as entrances on both sides of Hallam Road.

Major construction on the Hallam Road Level Crossing Removal Project started in January 2021, with the completion of the project marking the 59th level crossing removal. The Victorian Government is aiming to remove 85 level crossings by 2025, improving safety and reducing congestion in Melbourne’s suburbs.

For more details on bus replacement services and local road closures in the local area, click here.



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