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Melbourne’s residential community adopts Downer’s Reconophalt

Stockland Evergreen is set to become the largest residential project in Australia to use Reconophalt.

Stockland Evergreen, Stockland’s newest masterplanned community in Melbourne’s south-east suburb of Clyde, is set to become the largest residential project in Australia to use the environmentally friendly road surfacing material, Reconophalt, using more than 19,000 tonnes.

Downer’s Reconophalt is a type of asphalt that does not cause any harm to the environment or exude harmful fumes when compared to standard asphalt, and is similar in look, feel and durability. The material contains high levels of recycled content derived from waste streams, such as soft plastics, toner, glass and reclaimed road that would otherwise be sent to landfill or stockpiled.

The entire project will see 16.9 million plastic bags, 493,000 printer cartridges, 7,600 tonnes of recycled asphalt and 2,380 glass bottles diverted from landfill – saving the equivalent of 218 tonnes of carbon dioxide and removing 90 cars off the road for one year.

Stockland’s use of Reconophalt at Evergreen follows its adoption at stages of Stockland Minta in Berwick and Stockland Katalia in Donnybrook, and builds on Stockland’s commitment to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2028. The Evergreen Reconophalt project is a collaboration between Stockland, City of Casey, Downer Group and Winslow Constructors Australia.

Kerry Balci, Stockland Project Director said Reconophalt was just one of many environmental friendly projects  being introduced in Stockland Evergreen.

“The new community will also feature shadeways on the main thoroughfares to absorb and reduce heat retained by the pavement, and drainage reserves throughout the community will be used to store and reuse drain water. We’re also encouraging residents to install cool roofs in their homes to improve natural heating and cooling in their homes,” Ms Balci said.

“Australians all over the country continue to demand greater measures from businesses to protect the environment. There has never been a greater need to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill with soft plastic, tyres, glass and excavation waste being major issues globally,” Downer’s General Manager Pavements, Stuart Billing said.

Stockland Evergreen is located approximately 59 kilometres south-east of the Melbourne CBD and 1.7 kilometres east of Stockland Edgebrook along Pattersons Road.

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