Milestone reached on QLD’s Eight Mile

Milestone reached on QLD’s Eight Mile
Image courtesy of the Queensland Government.

A major milestone has been reached on the Eight Mile intersection, where the Cunningham and New England Highways meet, in northern Queensland.

The $25 million project involves building an overpass for motorists travelling south from Toowoomba to Warwick. Other traffic movements at the intersection will remain at ground level which will be upgraded to improve safety and efficiency. Traffic on the Cunningham Highway will travel underneath the overpass.

The project is expected to improve the safety of the connection, as well as reduce travel time, increase traffic flow, improve ride quality and contribute to regional growth.

A major milestone was recently achieved with super-T girders recently installed for an overpass over the Cunningham Highway. To minimise traffic disruptions, crews worked through the night for a week with a 500-tonne, wheel track crane to position 10 super-T girders forming the overpass deck.

Each girder weighs between 75 and 85 tonnes and measure over 1.8 metres high and 33 metres long. Permanent height restrictions are now in place for traffic travelling on the Cunningham Highway through the intersection.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the project would support around 50 local jobs.

“It’s dangerous when we have two high speed highways intersecting, which something that will now be removed by the construction of overpass,” he said.

“It was a mammoth effort for crews to complete this important work in the middle of recent La Nina weather but we are progressing well towards being complete in the coming months.”

The major upgrade is expected to be completed later this year (2022), weather and construction conditions permitting.

The project is jointly funded on an 80:20 basis with the Australian Government contributing $20 million and the Queensland Government contributing $5 million.

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