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Mooven expands Melbourne presence to smarten up Victorian infrastructure

Photo by Matt Zhang on Unsplash.

Technology platform Mooven has announced the expansion of its business throughout Victoria, Australia. 

Mooven was founded in 2017 by Micah Gabriels and Paul McDonnell, with a mission to improve construction project delivery and better mobility outcomes for the public. The platform enables its customers to use data to assist in planning optimum project timelines, project delivery, managing traffic disruption, minimising environmental impact, as well as improving engagement between all project parties involved.

Today, Mooven works with major construction firms and government authorities across Australia and New Zealand to accelerate delivery of major infrastructure projects while minimising impact.

Victoria’s infrastructure projects are worth an estimated $100 billion over the next 30 years according to the state’s 2021–2051 infrastructure strategy. Of the 165 major road and rail projects outlined by Victoria’s Big Build initiative, Mooven is already supporting over two thirds of these projects, including the Level Crossing Removal, West Gate Tunnel and North East Link Projects.

Mooven has also won a Victorian Department of Transport’s (DoT) tender for Transport Coordination Congestion Monitoring to support the state managed planned and unplanned disruption across the state. The Department’s purpose is to deliver simple, connected journeys for people and freight whilst transforming the way Victorians travel.  The four year agreement will enable DoT to manage and reduce the impact of construction and roading projects by gaining visibility and balancing the impact of infrastructure projects.

“The value of what Mooven can provide is really coming to life in Melbourne as we support both individual projects and the state to coordinate and streamline infrastructure delivery,” Mooven co-founder and CEO Micah Gabriels said.

“What this means in practice is multiple projects making informed decisions based on a common understanding of traffic and community impact.  Work completed quicker, less cones on the road. Delivering on Big Build Victoria is going to require new and innovative approaches to delivery. We’re excited to be part of this journey,” he added.

Powered by advanced analytics and bringing together crucial data-sets, Mooven’s increased presence in Melbourne and its surrounding areas will provide construction teams with vital insights that help them to deliver infrastructure investments more quickly and efficiently, while minimising impacts to the surrounding environment. This will enable the Victorian government to deliver on the current construction boom with 119 major road and rail projects underway.  

Tripling in size in just six months, Mooven has hired a team in Melbourne to support the business’ strong growth trajectory in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. To help lead the charge and support Mooven’s expansion strategy, Seray Korchagin has been appointed as the Head of Marketing ANZ. Seray joins from her role as a Marketing Manager at electrical and electronic manufacturer Vertiv, supporting the firm’s APAC marketing and communication strategies. Previously, Seray held global marketing positions at industrial engineering companies Pentair and Tyco.  

Mooven has strengthened its customer-facing Sales team with Ruzana Alam and Brian Simons, who will provide local support for new and existing customers in Victoria. Strategically recruiting some of the brightest minds, Mooven aims to harness the expertise of the new Melbourne based team to better support the local market.

“We’re incredibly excited to expand our team into Melbourne to support local construction project,” Mr Gabriels said.

“Following strong support in Victoria in recent years, we are now shifting into the next phase with boots on the ground permanently.”

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