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New Ellenbrook Station is now complete

The new METRONET Ellenbrook Station is now complete, marking the completion of the first station as part of the new Morley-Ellenbrook Line.

The new METRONET Ellenbrook Station is now complete, marking the completion of the first station as part of the new Morley-Ellenbrook Line in Western Australia.

Comprised of more than 346 tonnes of steel and 1160 tonnes of concrete, this new station marks a major milestone in the construction of a 21-kilometre rail-line to Ellenbrook.

State Member for Swan Hills Jess Shaw said the recent completion of the train station is exciting.

“The thousands of people living in Ellenbrook and The Vines have waited a long time for this train line, and to see this station completed is an incredibly exciting moment for the community,” she said.

The new station that commenced construction in 2022 is located in the heart of Ellenbrook town centre and is one of five being delivered as part of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line project.

Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King said the new station will offer more transport options for the more than 46,000 residents living in the area.

“This will provide more transportation options as we continue to build the infrastructure that commuters in this fast-growing area need and deserve,” she said.

Western Australian Premier Roger Cook said the now world-class rail network has connected tens of thousands of people and reduced travel times for them.

“The METRONET Morley-Ellenbrook Line is powering towards completion – and when it opens later this year it will slash travel times for people across our north-eastern suburbs,” he said.


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Once operational, travel from the station to Perth will take approximately 30 minutes on a two-zone fare, shaving off half the time for residents currently using public transport and costing as little as $4.08.

With convenient and modern facilities, the station includes a 12-stand bus interchange and 500 parking bays (including ACROD).

The station has achieved a five-star Green Star Design Review Rating, boasting 200 solar panels and 10 electric vehicle charging bays in the design.

Being the only at-grade station on the Morley-Ellenbrook line, Ellenbrook Station features a 150-metre-long sheltered island platform with seating and accessible passenger information and facilities.

Around 400 workers were employed on the Ellenbrook Station project, delivering a significant boost for local jobs.

Final landscaping and fare gate installation will be completed soon, with the new station to be opened and operational later this year.

Works are also well underway on the remaining stations and the installation of overhead line equipment, ballast, rail and sleepers.

The recent completion of the Malaga sub-station will power the overhead lines system when passenger service begins.

Federal Member for Hasluck Tania Lawrence said the Morley-Ellenbrook Line is now achievable in the foreseeable future.

“The Morley-Ellenbrook Line is no longer an idea or an ambition, it’s real. The community can see it happening and the first trains are on track to be running later this year,” she said.

“This is a massive achievement for the teams involved in this project, and I congratulate them on their hard work to date.”

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