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New horizons for Fujian TieTuo Machinery Co

With a strong presence at home and abroad, Chinese asphalt plant and equipment manufacturer Fujian TieTuo Machinery Co (TTM) has a solid platform from which to further expand its product offerings to the Australian market.

With a strong presence at home and abroad, Chinese asphalt plant and equipment manufacturer Fujian TieTuo Machinery Co (TTM) has a solid platform from which to further expand its product offerings to the Australian market.For more than 12 years, Chinese asphalt plant and equipment specialist TTM has made the development and manufacture of high-quality asphalt plants and equipment its core focus.

The firm specialises in all things asphalt, including mixing equipment that facilitates hot reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) recycling, cold RAP recycling and warm mix asphalt systems. Its equipment offering encompasses mobile and fixed asphalt plants, stationary RAP plants, bitumen tanks, aggregate batchers, finished silos, water and bag filters, coal breakers and millers and RAP breaking and screening systems.

TTM boasts more than 1200 cases of successful asphalt plant implementation in more than 50 countries, including the likes of Russia, Romania, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

The large manufacturing firm is based out of Quanzhou, a coastal city in south-east China, where convenient transportation enables the firm to provide low-cost and fast delivery to its customers globally.

With a strong presence in its native China, and solid grounding in international markets, TTM is pushing to strengthen its stance in the Australian sector and provide asphalt suppliers with variety through its broad range of asphalt plant equipment.

Since 2010, TTM has held a presence in the Australian asphalt market. The company introduced two TTM mobile batch asphalt mixing plants to the country’s market in its first year. There are five TTM asphalt plants around Australia, located in Karratha, Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Albany.

Terry Hosking, owner of Total Asphalt, purchased one QLB-40 (40 tonnes-per-hour) mobile batch asphalt mixing unit for the contactor’s site in Kalgoorlie.

“Generally, this plant works stably. The final asphalt quality is good and we can’t believe that the bag house filter works so well – no polluted dust air comes out,” he says.

“Before this plant, we bought asphalt over from Perth. The cost of the finished asphalt plus the transportation fees were much more expensive than the final selling price we have now. Our clients are happy and we have a better profit than before. As a small road contractor, we can’t afford an expensive plant, but thanks to TTM, we found a highly cost-effective unit,” he adds.

While the plants in Australia are small production capacity units, TTM is looking to further establish itself in Australia and introduce more of its cost-effective and high-end stationary and RAP recycling plants to suit the economical and production needs of the country’s market.

TTM makes a point to focus on each and every detail of the production process. It utilises pre-treatment processes, material cutting, painting, assembly, testing and other measures during every stage of production to ensure it is providing high quality equipment.

The firm customises its products to meet the different standards required for customers and the types of projects they supply in their respective countries.

For its Australian customers, for instance, TTM technicians have built a knowledge base of Australian Standards so that any relevant modifications to equipment electrical, gas, safety or environment components can be made during manufacture.

Each plant set-up is unique, so TTM specialists will make a customer site visit to help evaluate what kind of equipment will best fit the client’s operation, and the types of products they will supply to the market.  When the right plant has been chosen, built, shipped and set up, TTM continues with a comprehensive after sales service, including dispatching engineers to help in the erection, commissioning and training involved.

Technical experts are on hand 24 hours a day to offer consultation on TTM equipment, with spare parts available when required.

To help bolster its transition into the Australian market, TTM is coordinating with a local commissioning and servicing company to help assist its clients for the future.

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