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New trams arrive for $1.2B Gold Coast Light Rail

Image courtesy of the Queensland Government.

Five new trams have arrived for the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage Three expansion in Queensland, as works progress on the $1.2 billion project.

The project is delivering a new 6.7-kilometre extension of the existing public transport network and will feature eight stations, the addition of the newly delivered trams, as well as dual track in the centre of the Gold Coast Highway.

The project will aim to reduce travel times, increase the efficiency of the network and increase accessibility. The upgrade will also help to increase capacity along the network.

The five new trams will feature enhanced accessibility elements, including double accessible spaces, braille signs, 20 priority seats on every tram and vertical handrails have been shifted to create wider passageways for wheelchairs, prams, walkers and other mobility aids.

They will now undergo testing before being absorbed into the current operational fleet.


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Major construction on the third stage of the project is progressing as John Holland upgrade and relocate underground utilities. Track laying will commence in 2024, with these works expected to be completed in 2025.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the light rail has so far been a “roaring success”.

“The light rail is a key piece in the Gold Coast’s transport puzzle in providing a quick and convenient travel to study, health and shopping hubs,” Palaszczuk said.

“As the network continues to grow and connect to even more iconic Gold Coast destinations, we are confident more people will get onboard.”

The project is being delivered by both the Queensland and Federal governments, as well as the City of Gold Coast.

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