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NSW 2015-16 Budget delivers $590 million to fast-track infrastructure

NSW 2015-16 Budget injects $590 million into fast-tracking big ticket infrastructure projects

NSW 2015-16 Budget injects $590 million into fast-tracking big ticket infrastructure projectsThe NSW Government will inject more than $590 million into the fast-track delivery of big ticket infrastructure projects.

NSW Premier Mike Baird made the announcement yesterday that $590.6 million will be allocated to bring forward the construction of vital transport and road projects, including Sydney Metro (City and Southwest), the Western Harbour Tunnel and a Sydney’s Rail Future Stage 2.

Transport and road projects will receive a combined cash injection of $186.8 million out of the $590.6 million allocated in the 2015-16 NSW Budget.

Mr. Baird said the funding is to ultimately make these projects happen faster.

“We are not waiting any longer – this money will get these projects underway or ready to go as soon as possible so the people of NSW can start seeing the benefits.”

“Whether it is busting congestion or providing brand new Metro train lines to reduce crowding on our public transport, these projects are really going to make a difference.”

“We committed to undertake a long-term lease of 49 per cent of the electricity network and deliver on our Rebuilding NSW commitment to invest $20 billion in new infrastructure,” said Mr. Baird.

NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian said the funding will allow faster economic assessments, detailed designs, and planning work so the NSW Government’s commitments are ready to proceed quickly once the electricity network transactions are finalised.

“By making this funding available, we are not wasting any time getting moving to deliver the improvements everyone is so keen to see,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“This acceleration funding in the NSW Budget will ensure our NSW infrastructure program is now in the fast lane.”

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