NSW billion-dollar infrastructure

The 9th Annual NSW Major Projects Conference 2017 will explore the infrastructure projects and developments receiving billions of dollars of investment and set to play an important role in the state’s future.There are billions of dollars currently being invested into New South Wales infrastructure projects facilitated by Federal Government, State Government and private companies in a bid to improve the state’s liveability and economic development.

These major infrastructure projects will be showcased at the 9th Annual NSW Major Projects Conference 2017. The event will be held over two days, 14th and 15th November, at the International Convention Centre – Sydney.

The Conference’s agenda features a wide range of planned projects, developments, redevelopments and current upgrades within the industry explored by speaker presentations and expert panel discussions.

The Australian Government has allocated a $75 billion fund towards infrastructure during the 2017-18 to 2026-27 period.

One of the ways the State Government is dealing with congestion in NSW is Sydney’s WestConnex development. With a price tag of $11-11.5 billion, it is estimated that the motorway will deliver $20 billion of benefits the economy.

Situated over the 33 kilometre distance between west and south-west Sydney with the city, airport and port, funding comes from the NSW Government ($1.8 billion), the Australian Government ($1.5 billion) while motorist tolling will make up the bulk funds.

Planners have estimated with the M5’s driving population will grow from from 95,000 (2009) to 190,000 in the 30 years, and the upgraded motorway will ease traffic. Additionally, the M4 will also ease congestion for the 170,000 drivers of trucks and cars that travel on the road every day.

As population numbers rise, Western Sydney is set to see a jobs deficit. Reports estimate by 2036, Western Sydney will have a population of 320,000 people. This is where the Western Sydney ‘Aerotropolis’ comes into play. Working in conjunction during the feasibility and planning stages are the Federal Government, the Western Sydney Airport Alliance and the Sydney Business Chamber.

The ‘Aerotropolis’ project is expected to utilise the opportunity the Western Sydney Airport presents for economic development. The project aims to create a hub containing airport planning, urban planning, business site planning, logistics planning and personal mobility planning. It’s also estimated to create over 28,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2031.

Improving public transport is a strong, but needed, trend being seen across the country. In NSW, the Australian East Coast Hyperloop, facilitated by Ultraspeed Australia, is currently being tested for its feasibility within the region. Ultraspeed Australia is the official Australian representative of Hyperloop One, a company funded by the hyperloop’s pioneer Elon Musk.

With an aim to have three functioning hyperloop systems running by 2021, in Australia, England and Dubai, the Melbourne to Sydney project alone has an estimated price tag of $40-200 billion. The overall engineering feat is to sustainably cut the eight-hour-plus car or eleven-hour-plus train/bus journey down to a miniscule 55 minute hyperloop commute.

Both the above topics are a varied response to NSW’s and Australia’s growing transport needs caused by rapid population growth. At the Conference, the Tackling Congestion Panel will discuss this theme further. The University of Sydney’s Founding Director of Transport and Logistics Studies David Hensher will be joined onstage with a number of other notable experts.

During the 45-minute period, panellist will cover points such as charging drivers during peak times on high-use roads, intelligent transport systems, public transport as a means to reduce congestion and how to address the city’s future bottlenecks.

Additional comprehensive topics will be discussed by industry experts at the 9th Annual NSW Major Projects Conference 2017, 14th to 15th November, at the International Convention Centre – Sydney. Delegates will experience in-depth, intelligent and educative presentations, panels, networking and exposure to the latest and most innovative major project technologies.

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