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NT Govt to review road reserve regulations

The Northern Territory Government is reviewing how road reserve signage and activities are managed in an effort to improve safety across the region.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) has commenced consultation with stakeholders, who are being asked to provide their views on the draft guidelines for road reserve management before being finalised in October.

The DIPL has responsibility for road reserves – the area between the edge of the asphalt and the boundary of private or business properties – alongside the government managed roads. This includes major arterial and regional roads such as the Stuart, Arnhem, Barkly and Victoria Highways.

A media statement from the Northern Territory Government said signage and commercial activities in the road reserve needs to be appropriately regulated to ensure it does not distract motorists or pedestrians, or become a hazard during a cyclone event.

The Government will hold industry forums with the Chamber of Commerce NT and Palmerston Regional Business Association.

A six-month moratorium will be put in place after the new regulations are introduced to allow stakeholders to make necessary changes.

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