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On site with the FAE RPL/SSL/DT 100

The new range of road planers for skid steers is easy to connect to existing products, ensuring a simple ‘plug-and-play’ operational model.

FAE has introduced its new flagship road planer, ideal for skid steers and  built for up to 135 horsepower. FAE explains more about the potential for road manufacturers from this range of products.

It’s been several months since FAE entered the market for road planers. Its 60-135 horsepower skid steers with four models with fixed-tooth and disc rotors are ideal for shredding asphalt and concrete to a maximum depth of 50 centimetres. That is how the RPL/SSL for 60-135 horsepower skid steers, the RPM/SSL for 75-135 horsepower skid steers, and the RWM/SSL, a disc road planer for 75-135 horsepower skid steers, came to be.

Now, a new family of dual-transmission products is coming out to complete the line. These machines are perfect for anyone working in road maintenance and clearing. FAE is introducing the RPL/SSL/DT for 90-135 horsepower skid steers, capable of working from zero to 14 centimetres deep with a minimum operating width of 100 centimetres. 

The new RPL/SSL/DT uses cold planing technology, just like the other products in this FAE line. The road’s surface is scraped and cut by the impact of special teeth attached to the rotor and with a layout that FAE specifically designed to improve performance and reduce vibration. 

The RPL/SSL can be used for road preparation for resurfacing roads before applying a new layer of asphalt or concrete, while also simplifying excavation operations.

The hydraulic drive system also ensures operational precision by enabling the operator to work right against a wall on the right or left side of the machine. It also features practical depth and cutting indicators.

Key technical features 

Federico Gruppioni, Product Manager at FAE, says the RPL/SSL/DT features state-of-the-art technology that guarantees excellent operating quality for the operator and considerable comfort while on the job. 

“The cutting and depth indicators are great for maintaining precise control. The tilt provides excellent results even on uneven surfaces. It is also available with hydraulic control that can be regulated using the skid steer’s joystick and self-levelling skids with independent hydraulic position control. The hydraulic drive system also makes it possible to work right up against walls on either side for precise work in all conditions,” he says.

Gruppioni says that from a mechanical standpoint, the dual transmission guarantees optimal power supply and distribution across the entire width of the rotor. The standard hydraulic and electrical equipment makes it ideal for “plug & play” pairing with FAE’s skid steers.

“Let’s not forget about the teeth specifically designed for asphalt and concrete road surfaces,” says Gruppioni. “I think it’s important to highlight other features like the water system that cools the rotor and keeps the dust down and the performance indicators that are highly visible to the operator”. 

The new 100 and 125 centimetre heads are available now, with the 150 centimetre model coming soon.


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Field testing

The new RPL/SSL/DT was field tested during a series of tests recently in Tuscany (Italy) with Tarabori, an FAE dealer. FAE service technicians paired the machine with a Bobcat skid steer and took it to two different locations.

After connecting the machine to the skid steer, the technicians tested the pair on asphalt. 

The machines then completed strips of terrain at different depths for a few dozen meters, testing the effectiveness of the equipment down to 14 centimetres deep.

The FAE technicians also milled asphalt around a manhole cover to test the precision of the work on uneven surfaces and small obstacles. The crew could do an accurate job with the hydraulically adjustable skids.

“The client was happy, especially with the fluidity of the machine,” says Gruppioni. “Thanks to the dual transmission, the RPL/SSL/DT works very fast, is stable, and vibrates very little. The machine’s fluidity and ease of use seem to be significant features of this model. 

“For example, the visibility from the cab and the double hitch makes it possible to work roadsides on the left or right. The ability to easily connect the RPL/SSL/DT to different types of skid steer is also a plus. Once attached to the skid steer, thanks to the ‘plug and play’ style connection, it’s super easy to control.”

In Australia

FAE exhibited its range of new road planers with a skid steer at the inaugural Inside Construction Expo 2023. Managing Director of FAE Australia Pacific Alberto Rosso says the conference was a great success.

“We had a lot of interest from new and existing clients in the road industry,” he says. 

“There is enormous potential for the new RPL/SSL/DT range of products across Australia. We look forward to working with everyone to get the maximum benefit from these products and other products from our ranges.” 

This article was originally published in the October edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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