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Open Speed Limit Review in NT Highway

Open Speed Limit Review Northern Territory

Open Speed Limit Review Northern TerritoryThe Northern Territory Government is in the initial stages of reviewing the results of an open-speed limit trial on the Stuart Highway.

Following an initial 12-month period, the Department of Transport is undertaking a review of the trial to determine its success and future viability. In the meantime, the open speed limit conditions will remain in place.

The review will include an analysis of the following elements of the trial:

  • vehicle number, type and speed;
  • vehicle crash data; and
  • enforcement data.

The department has undertaken a road user survey to gain an understanding of the experiences of road users and their views on the investment made to improve road safety along the trial section of the highway.

Minister for Transport, Matt Conlan, said while data analysis was being finalised for the last quarter, road users had generally behaved very well during the trial period.

“It was pleasing to see that Territorians have acted responsibly with the open speed limit’s trial. A review process will now be undertaken so government can assess all facets of the trial,” Mr Conlan said.

“The government will wait to see the review before we make any decisions about making the open speed limit zones permanent or looking at other locations for open speed limits.”

The open speed limit trial applied to a 204 kilometre stretch of road, starting 37 kilometres south of Barrow Creek extending to 10 kilometres north of Alice Springs

An extension was added to include a 72 kilometre stretch of road between the Ali Curung Rail Overpass to just north of Barrow Creek.

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