Parliamentary Report calls for “revolutionary” developments in automated transit

According to a Parliament of Australia report, the “revolutionary” development of an automated transit ecosystem is needed if Australia hopes to keep up with mass transit technology.

The report, Innovating Transport across Australia, makes 17 recommendations, including establishing an Office of National Chief Engineer, the development of a new automated transport ecosystem and the creation of a national hydrogen strategy.

House of Representatives Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Committee Chair John Alexander said if done well, the automation and electrification of mass transit has the potential to make Australian cities and regions cleaner, greener, more accessible and more liveable.

“Achieving this outcome will demand vision and leadership from government—we need to make the timely provision of supporting infrastructure to transition to the fuels of the future.

“Ideally, our transport networks will consist of integrated multi-modal networks—systems operating across a variety of transport modes, connected by information exchanges with seamless ticketing,” Mr. Alexander said.

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