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Pathways for a connected modern Australia

Pathways for a connected modern Australia: Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management National Conference

A major transport and planning conference in Melbourne this month will explore ways of reducing travel costs, improving equity in transport, and ideas to manage mobility in booming regional areas.

Experts at the 2023 Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM) National Conference will also discuss the future of cars and the uptake of micro mobility transport such as bikes and scooters.

Speakers include a Dutch academic who believes radical action is needed to improve us

transport systems, saying that cities, towns, and suburbs are increasingly designed for car traffic instead of people.

Marco Te Brömmelstroet, Professor in Urban Mobility Futures at the University of Amsterdam, believes that bikes and scooters can solve many mobility issues and there is still the chance for Australian cities to reduce car dependency.


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AITPM CEO Kirsty Kelly said the pandemic had been a catalyst for rethinking how transport networks move people and goods around Australia.

“We expect this change to continue, so the industry needs to develop solutions that will enhance and improve connectivity,” she said.

Kelly also said that transport accounted for a high proportion of household costs in Australia.

“The average Australian spends $122 per week on commuting costs, so reducing this can really help ease the pain of rising living costs – the transport industry has an opportunity to help minimise the impact of the cost-of-living through the solutions it develops and delivers,” she said.

The AITPM National Conference is the leading event for the transport and planning sector in Australia. The conference will be held from 13 to 15 September 2023 across iconic Melbourne venues including the MCG. It is anticipated that more than 400 delegates will attend.

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