Perth’s Armadale Road to North Lake Road bridge opens to traffic

A new bridge over Kwinana Freeway will ease congestion and improve access for Cockburn visitors and residents.

Road commuters in Perth’s southern suburbs will have relief from traffic before Christmas as the new $259 million road bridge over Kwinana Freeway connecting Armadale Road and North Lake Road has opened to traffic.

The new bridge and new northbound connections to and from Kwinana Freeway will address heavy congestion at the Armadale Road and Kwinana Freeway intersection, the third most congested intersection in Perth used by 55,000 vehicles daily.

The bridge is Western Australia’s first ‘duck and dive’ interchange, a design that has seen Armadale Road lowered to pass beneath a roundabout in a trench structure. Lowering Armadale Road in this location significantly reduces noise and visual amenity impacts for surrounding residents.

Armadale Road has also been upgraded, passing over the intersection of Tapper Road with a new bridge, and under the intersection of Solomon Road via a trench structure, with local roads reconfigured with two new roundabouts to maintain connectivity.

Additional lanes and turning capacity have been added to the intersection of Armadale Road and Ghostgum Avenue to support ongoing residential growth in the suburb of Treeby.

For public transport users, the project has delivered a 1,100-bay car park at Cockburn Central Station and significantly improved access to and from the station by alleviating heavy congestion around the station car park during peak times.

The City of Cockburn’s population is forecast to grow to over 170,000 by 2031, up from 106,000 in 2015. The City of Armadale’s population is projected to grow to 128,000 from a current level of 82,000 within the same time frame.

As a result, the Australian and Western Australian governments have invested in infrastructure to match the growth of the area – including freeway upgrades, the recently completed Karel Avenue upgrade, the METRONET Thornlie-Cockburn Link and the Armadale Road duplication.

Other key upgrades underway in the southern suburbs include the High Street upgrade, the Kwinana Freeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Path from Leach Highway to Mount Henry Bridge and the Swan River Crossings project.

The $259 million Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge project was jointly funded, with the Australian Government committing $207.2 million and the Western Australian Government committing $51.8 million.

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