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Pioneering the construction industry

Timken’s energy-efficient bearings: Pioneering the construction industry

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The efficiency and durability of heavy machinery are crucial elements in ensuring the smooth operation and success of projects in civil construction and earthworks.

Timken® tapered roller bearings play a pivotal role in this context, particularly in wheel bearing applications for articulated and haul trucks, wheel loaders and graders. Tony Tormey, Category Manager for Industrial Bearings at Motion, highlights the importance of these bearings within the hub of the wheel, where they are essential for maintaining both movement and stability.

While numerous manufacturers produce bearings, Timken’s focus on energy efficiency sets them apart. Tormey points out, “These bearings are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption, a result of their advanced surface finishes and optimised internal geometry. He further emphasises that this not only enhances machinery operation but also extends the life and reliability of the bearings.

A distinctive feature of Timken’s design is positive roller alignment, essential for durability, particularly in heavy machinery. “This feature is vital in wheel bearings,” Tormey notes, ensuring consistent performance and smooth operation under heavy loads and varying conditions in construction machinery.


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The design of Timken’s bearings is central to their effectiveness. Their debris-resistant bearings, developed with unique alloys and sophisticated heat treatments, offer a hard film coating that bolsters durability, particularly in harsh environmental conditions.

Tormey shares, “We’ve seen an increased life by 2.5 times using this type of technology,” underscoring the tangible benefits of these advancements in demanding construction environments.

Tormey delves into the cost-effectiveness of Timken’s tapered roller bearings, emphasising their competitive edge in terms of pricing, particularly when weighed against the substantial value they add to high-cost construction equipment.

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