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Potential for sustainable upgrades highlighted on VIC freight line

Sustainable upgrades highlighted on west VIC freight line

Sustainable methods have been used as part of upgrades on the Ararat to Maryborough freight line, as part of the Murray Basin Rail Project in Victoria.

The Murray Basin Rail Project aims to deliver upgrades to Victoria’s freight network, by improving the capacity, reliability, and journey times. The project will increase the number of weekly train paths on the Murray Basin network from 28 to 49 and is supporting 1000 direct and indirect jobs during delivery.

Image courtesy of the Victorian Government.
Image courtesy of the Victorian Government.

On the Ararat to Maryborough freight line, a new rail and ballast was installed in December along an 88 metre section of the track. These upgrades have helped to increase the freight capacity of the connection to 21-tonne axle loading for all wagons.


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This rail for these upgrades were delivered by 11 separate freight train trips from South Australia, replacing the equivalent of 357 truck trips along an 800-kilometre journey. This helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 76 per cent.

In December, Victorian Minister for Ports and Freight Melissa Horne said the completion of the project would provide a major boost for regional Victorians.

“The upgrades to the Ararat-Maryborough Line have delivered critical capacity improvements to allow more freight to be moved by rail,” Horne said.

Currently construction is underway on a new passing loop at Elmhurst, with other work this year to include passing loops at Emu and Tourello, installing a mobile refuelling station at Ouyen and signalling upgrades at the Ouyen and Maryborough yards.

More information on the project can be viewed here.

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