PwC Australia’s Integrated Infrastructure team welcomes eight new partners

Photo by Gilly Tanabose on Unsplash
Photo by Gilly Tanabose on Unsplash

PwC Australia’s Integrated Infrastructure has welcomed a host of leading Australian infrastructure experts as new partners, reflecting strong demand for major infrastructure projects in post-COVID Australia.

The eight partner admissions, comprising one partner who has joined the firm and seven internal promotions, mean PwC has added 16 partners to its Integrated Infrastructure team in the year to July 2021.

Experienced governance, risk and control specialist Cameron Jaggers joins PwC’s Integrated Infrastructure team from KPMG, with close to 20 years’ experience providing infrastructure, advisory and assurance services to clients in the transport, defence, mining, oil and gas, water and energy sectors.

“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to join the Integrated Infrastructure team at PwC. By integrating capabilities from across the firm into a single, dedicated team, we will be providing clients with seamless and integrated solutions to help them maximise their investment in major capital and long-term projects which are critical to their future success,” said Jaggers.

PwC Australia’s Integrated Infrastructure also welcomes seven new partners from within its own ranks, taking its total partnership number to 50, and 400 staff in total. These include: Adam Graham, Amber Stevens, Christiana Gurgick, Danny Touma, David McDougall, Nick Li and Rachel Smith.

Newly-promoted partner Amber Stevens has supported her clients with significant infrastructure and mixed-use developments in 32 cities throughout 20 countries. She is currently leading work on urban renewal precincts and a national facility to accelerate translational research into acute and chronic inflammation.

“I am motivated to make a difference by adding value to our most vital infrastructure projects and societal challenges,” said Stevens.

“This started with an early career focus on building water infrastructure and continues today as I serve my clients with critical health and research assets, safe and efficient transport, supporting the wellbeing of our nation with major sports and recreation facilities, increasing our capacity of renewable energy and addressing the findings of major investigations and Royal Commissions.”

Real estate expert David McDougall joins the partnership having worked on a range of key precincts and social infrastructure assets across Victoria.

“PwC’s integrated approach to infrastructure works because of the quality of our people and the depth of our insight. Being part of this team is exciting, and I am energised to support our clients as they build for the future,” said McDougall.

“I joined PwC because I wanted to work on projects that have a positive impact for our clients and their communities. I believe this is more relevant than ever and I am committed to bringing the best of our firm to our clients to solve their real estate and infrastructure problems.”

Christiana Gurgick, a global cities and infrastructure expert, also joins the partnership. Since joining the firm in 2018, Christiana has built on her extensive experience developing strategic investment cases for the largest cities and infrastructure investments across Australia and the UK to advise on Australia’s most notable infrastructure programs.

“Having challenged so many of the assumptions underpinning growth and development through COVID-19, an immense opportunity for a different kind of growth lies before all of us. Infrastructure is going to be at the centre of how we shape the way we live and work, and the future we create for ourselves. This truly is our moment to recreate the urban environment and cities for the future we want – not just the one we inherited.” Gurgick said.

“There are enormous opportunities for governments, the private sector and communities to reimagine entrenched ways of doing things and – with the unique convergence of technology, investment and even art – pursue new and better ways 0f living. Integrated Infrastructure will be leading from the front in supporting this essential work, and supporting the crucial investments governments will need to make in years to come.”

Integrated Infrastructure was unveiled earlier this year, bringing together PwC Australia specialists from across the firm’s key business areas to provide support for complex projects at every stage of the cycle, from feasibility to delivery.

“We make no apologies for scouring the country to identify the very best, market-leading experts to spearhead our leadership in tackling Australia’s most complex infrastructure challenges and ambitious projects,” Integrated Infrastructure lead Peter Konidaris said.

“Our flagship new team is about offering end-to-end support on major infrastructure projects – from strategy and planning, to financial and procurement, to execution and construction, to asset management, and to disposal – giving our clients the complete suite of capability to solve some of Australia’s most complex infrastructure challenges.”


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