Queensland to access nearly $300M for road safety upgrades

Photo by Jess Fox on Unsplash

The Federal Government announced it has approved $225 million for Queensland road safety funding under the $2 billion Road Safety Program.

Queensland Government will also be providing a further $64.6 million for the initiative.

This funding follows Queensland’s 26 per cent increase in road deaths last year, despite the falls in traffic due to the pandemic.

Works making use of the additional funding are required to begin and finish before June 30, 2021. This is under “use it or lose it” provisions which mean if a state doesn’t use the funds within the timeframe, they will be offered to other jurisdictions.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said this funding would improve safety and support around 950 jobs in Queensland.

“This funding will deliver key lifesaving improvements such as shoulder sealing, rumble strips to alert drivers they are moving out of their lane, median treatments to prevent head-on collisions and barriers to prevent run-off-road crashes and protect against roadside hazards,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Of this $289.6 million, $267.4 million has been earmarked for regional Queensland demonstrating the substantial focus we are placing on our regional communities.”

Queensland Assistant Regional Roads Minister Bruce Saunders said the list of projects would see intersections with a high crash history made safer, roads widened and more dirt roads sealed.

“These types of projects play an important part in supporting our industries right across Queensland, in particular those industries that rely on our regional roads to transport goods,” Saunders said.

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