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Recycled plastic included in Deer Park station construction


Polyrok has been placed on the roof of the new Deer Park station at Mt Derrimut Road in Melbourne’s West. 

Polyrok is made from a group of plastics called polyolefins, primarily found in consumer packaging and soft plastics. The use of the material on the new station has diverted 0.5 tonnes of soft plastic from landfill. 

The recycled material is part of the construction of the new Deer Park station, following the removal of the level crossing at Mt Derrimut road. The works are set to improve transit and ease delays for the 23,000 vehicles that pass through the crossing every day. 


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With the inclusion of Polyrok aggregate in concrete, the material is expected to be lighter, easier to work with, more thermally efficient and durable. 

Its geometrical shape helps it bond to concrete and provides structural benefits.  

Polyrok is compatible with existing concrete processes and equipment. It is also suggested to decrease reliance in mineral aggregate, reduce the cost of freight and is fully circular – 100 per cent recycled at the end of its lifecycle. 

The construction of the station and other works connected to the train line are expected to continue until completion in 2024. 

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