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The REDFLEX radarcam mobile digital camera system developed by the Melbourne-based Redflex Traffic Systems has recently received European approval by the internationally-recognised NMI test centre in Holland.

Following rigorous testing in a range of weather and traffic conditions, the system easily surpassed all the requirements of NMI in terms of accurate radar detection and precise image capture at both low and high speeds, day and night.

REDFLEX radarcam is suitable for enforcing all road and speed situations, including school zones, using modern radar detection, coupled with high-resolution digital cameras, to capture quality images with a high degree of accuracy at speeds ranging from 20 to 300 km/h.

This was borne out during tests in March 2008, at the ATP Automotive Test Track in Pappenburg, Germany, which offers real time speed testing. Drivers are able to maintain a constant speed of up to 300 km/h on this 12 km super elevated, oval and graded track. Twin four lane, 4 km straights and 2 km bends enabled the test Ferrari Spider to support continuous speeds of around 300 km/h.

Using an internationally recognised metrological institute to verify the camera speed captures, Redflex established that the system was capable of accurately capturing violations ranging up to 300 kmh in a variety of weather conditions. This level of accuracy was achieved across four lanes of highway and a fifth emergency lane, providing precise accuracy with versatility.

REDFLEXradarcam includes independent cable-free illuminators or strobe lighting for quality night time image capture. The system also includes a large touch-screen interface for real-time feedback, a global positioning system receiver (GPS) for location tracking, atomic-clock synchronising, and a planar slant radar system for across-the-road mobile speed enforcement. A laser alignment system with procedural screen prompts further removes any likelihood of operator error being successfully contested in any court action.

The system has been designed to be flexible and operates equally accurately from inside a vehicle or externally mounted on a tripod, manned or unmanned. A range of in-vehicle mounting options is available.

John Harris, Business Development Director of Redflex Europe says, “Approval and tender requirements typically demand an error range of 3% to around 250 kmh. Redflex has been deemed to significantly break this notional qualitative speed barrier. This development marks a sea change in camera enforcement technology, providing tomorrow’s technology today and further reducing roadside accidents and family trauma.”

Redflex’s REDFLEXlasercam is currently undergoing testing at NMI and will shortly be approved to the same tolerances as REDFLEXradarcam.

For further information, contact John Harris, Business Development Director, Redflex Traffic Systems, telephone +44 7919 340888, email johnh@redflex.

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