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Caterpillar’s Remanufacturing services offer a sustainable and expert approach to engine repairs, a solution that has the potential to save up to 60 per cent off the price of a new part.

Caterpillar’s Remanufacturing services offer a sustainable and expert approach to engine repairs, a solution that has the potential to save up to 60 per cent off the price of a new part.The heart of every piece of equipment is the engine, and a dependable engine ensures productivity and minimises owning and operating costs.

When that engine needs repairs, services such as Cat Reman complete engine, short and long blocks offer quick, cost-effective solutions.

Fully assembled and ready to be built into any Cat engine, short and long blocks are factory remanufactured using genuine Cat parts and include all critical engineering updates – delivering like-new performance and long life. Remanufacturing also has the potential to save up to 60 per cent on the price of a new part.

Together with complete engine with short and long blocks options, Caterpillar provides an extensive array of repair options to get customers back to work quickly. They also carry a same-as-new parts warranty.

Remanufacturing is more than just cleaning and reassembling, it’s evaluating every aspect of a component. All Reman components are completely disassembled, cleaned to meet rigid standards, and inspected part by part to ensure they meet the company’s highest quality standards.

Cat Reman engines meet the same performance specifications at new engines and the performance of each assembled engine is tested, proved and recorded on the dynamometer before shipping. Cat Reman short blocks include a cylinder block, crankshaft, pistons, and connecting rods. Long blocks are short blocks with a cylinder head, camshaft, timing gears, liftersand oil cooler. Many long blocks also include an oil pump, water pump, and other sub-components.

Crankshafts are 100 per cent magnafluxed and are reground and polished to meet original profile and surface specifications while blocks are tested for consistent quality and long life.

The company’s simple core acceptance criteria allow a quick determination of core credit. The core is visually inspected on the spot, providing an immediate decision on core condition and credit, alleviating the need to wait or guess about repair costs.

A two-level pricing system also ensures that even broken or cracked blocks can earn a partial refund.

Doug Wright, Reman Commercial Manager at Caterpillar, says that Reman offers a large product range of products that integrate sustainability into the company’s core business.

“Reman has an extensive selection of over 7000 part numbers, with major components like engines, transmissions and final drives, and subassemblies and piece parts like cylinder heads, turbochargers, pumps, motors and injectors,” says Mr. Wright.

“We have Reman components working in a large variety of applications, from large mining machines down to small skid steer, marine engines, on highway trucks and industrial applications.”

Mr. Wright asserts that Caterpillar’s extensive research and development has helped the company to utilise its remanufacturing abilities to its full potential. “Caterpillar has and continues to do a tremendous amount of research, continually evaluating and testing components used by customers,” he says.

“Products are designed with the highest level of rebuild ability as a core design criteria that enables the highest possible rates of recycling.”

Remanufacturing, as Mr. Wright explains, is returning engines and components to their original performance specifications, which include critical engineering updates. “Our simple core acceptance criteria allow a quick determination of core credit,” he continues.

“Through the use of state-of-the-art salvage techniques, strict reuse guidelines, advanced manufacturing system and unequalled quality control, Caterpillar remanufactures an average of 68 million kilograms of end-of-life iron each year.”

Cat Reman products maintains its sustainable and environmentally minded processes through such processes, and the results are positive. “Our Reman process reduces waste, lowers greenhouse gas production, minimises the need for raw materials required to produce new parts,” says Mr. Wright.

“Through remanufacturing, we keep nonrenewable material in circulation for multiple lifetimes.”

Walt Bradbury, Regional Manager at Caterpillar, says that product availability is one of their critical customer requirements.

“Components at piece parts and full engines and powertrain options are available through our extensive Australia dealer network of 71 branches with equivalent inventory also held in Caterpillar Melbourne Distribution Centre’s 115,000-square-metre warehouse, one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region,” he says.

A second distribution centre was opened in Queensland in May 2015, increasing both coverage and storage capacity, while providing an even faster network for Caterpillar’s customers. “We are also backed up by a huge global distribution network with airfreight coverage that enables us to get our customers back up and running quickly,” adds Mr. Bradbury.

Cat dealers offer a range of solutions from equipment, work tools, finance and insurance – through to the equipment protection plans, parts, service and maintenance to keep their consumers up and running.

For more information about Cat Reman visit https// or contact your local Cat dealer.

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