Report outlines community feedback on transport network pricing

Infrastructure Victoria has published a report detailing eight conditions under which a community panel would accept a change to the way they paid for roads and public transport.

The panel’s conditions include the establishment of an independent regulator for pricing, transparency of revenue and expenditure, a cap on charges for vehicle and public transport use and a statement that increased pricing come with service improvements.

The panel of 38 included strong feedback on the importance of fairness, equity and transparency when considering complex reform.

Infrastructure Victoria Chief Executive Officer Michel Masson said the report is a crucial component of Infrastructure Victoria’s research program on transport network pricing.

“In our 30-year infrastructure strategy we recommended the introduction of a comprehensive transport pricing scheme because we think such a system could deliver profound benefits,” he said.

The panel heard from a number of experts on various topics related to transport network pricing and delivered the report after four weeks of deliberation.

Infrastructure Victoria will consider the panel’s report and provide a formal response in the coming months.

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