Research into off-site construction stakeholders: A survey invitation

A research into stakeholder relationships in Australian off-site construction is seeking participation in an industry survey.

Numerous industry commissions, government investigations and analyses have highlighted critical construction sector deficiencies such as project cost overruns, extensive time delays, low sustainability, dangerous on-site practices, lack of quality control and being unadaptable to mobility.

Off-site construction (OSC) is the construction methodology that provides the industry with much-needed benefits. Stakeholder management and the relationships that connect stakeholders are critical to collaborative practice, that is considered the core of OSC.

Nevertheless, the relational characteristics of OSC supply chains and projects have not yet been dealt with in-depth in literature.

The National Precast Concrete Association Australia is assisting Bao Nguyen – a graduate student at Torrens University Australia – in the University’s research into stakeholder relationships in Australian off-site construction.

This research project is under the Australian Research Council Discovery scheme DP180101178. It is being conducted with the affiliation of the Centre for Organisational Change and Agility, under the supervision of Professor Kerry London (Torrens University Australia), Dr Peng Zhang (Western Sydney University) and Professor Xiangyu Wang (Curtin University).

“We are proud of our engagement with Australian universities, and this example is no exception,” comments National Precast’s CEO, Sarah Bachmann.

“Working with academia to improve outcomes is critical,” she comments.

The aim of this study is to develop a model of stakeholder relationships in off-site construction from a networked perspective and to deepen knowledge of the patterns and characteristics of the interrelationships. To achieve such a model requires knowledge of the current stakeholder relationships and practices in the OSC sector.

The research project is expected to benefit:

  1. the policymakers through a better understanding of factors affecting business relationships among organisations in the off-site construction sector;
  2. the industry by the assistance in developing bespoke collaborative contractual arrangements and tendering procedures as well as dedicated project management framework for off-site construction;
  3. the broader community by the provision of the basis for future studies and analysis of stakeholder management and network science, along with the methods of research synthesis in all scientific disciplines.


The researchers are inviting participation in a 15-20 minute survey, which can be conducted online at

The findings of this research may be relevant and of interest to some participants. If any participant is excited about interesting metrics and analyses of relational networks, the researchers will provide the study-related publications through private emails. Therefore, the research team has provided a place at the end of the survey to collect the interest.

In all analyses and publications, the names of entities and individuals will be coded, and organisations and individual respondents will not be able to be identified. The research team is bound by strict university policies on maintaining confidentiality and anonymity.

Participation in this research project is entirely voluntary. If anyone changes his/her mind about participating, he/she is free to withdraw at any time during the research project without providing an explanation. Correspondingly, the researcher will not collect additional information from that participant, and the data that have been collected from him/her will be deleted.

For further information, contact researchers Bao Nguyen at or Prof. London at

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