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Road and transport projects big focus of 2023/24 NSW Budget

Roads and transport projects are a big focus of the NSW 2023/24 State Budget.

The New South Wales Government has announced a $72.3 billion for new and improved transport infrastructure, as well as $2.4 billion over the next four years for targeted road upgrades in Western Sydney, as part of the 2023/24 State Budget.

The first budget handed down by the Minns State Government places an emphasis on upgrading and developing road and rail infrastructure across the entire state.

This investment in transport infrastructure will include:

  • Investing an additional $1.0 billion in Sydney Metro City and Southwest
  • $7.9 billion over four years for the Sydney Metro–Western Sydney Airport
  • $302.7 million reserved for a Western Sydney Rapid Bus network
  • $200.0 million reserved to expedite the planning for the procurement, construction, and delivery of Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 for Western Sydney
  • Seven new Australian-made Parramatta River Class ferries for $43.0 million
  • An additional $300.0 million to upgrade train station car parks and make stations more accessible
  • $95.9 million for the Fixing Country Rail program, to deliver improved capacity and reliability to the regional rail network
  • Doubling a state-wide investment in Active Transport Infrastructure with an additional $60.0 million


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Major commitments have also been made to road projects in both regional and metropolitan areas. This includes:

  • $2.4 billion over four years for Western Sydney roads
  • A commitment of $770.0 million to establish an Urban Roads Fund to build major roads in metro areas
  • A new $390.0 million Regional Emergency Road Repair Fund to provide funding certainty to regional councils damaged by recent weather events
  • A new $334.0 million Regional Roads Fund to build new roads and restore damaged roads in rural and regional areas
  • $106.2 million over four years to deliver the M7–M12 Interchange
  • $100.0 million over four years to upgrade the Bells Line of Road

The industry responds

Roads Australia has welcomed the continued investment in transport infrastructure across the state. Roads Australia CEO Ehssan Veiszadeh said the investment would be welcomed by industry stakeholders.

“It is pleasing to see investment in the regional road network and funding for building resilience across Western Sydney in the wake of significant natural disasters,” Veiszadeh said.

“As we await the outcomes of State and Federal reviews, this Budget will provide the industry with a level of certainty around NSW’s infrastructure build.

The Australasian Railway Association has also welcomed the funding commitment for road and rail infrastructure.

ARA CEO Caroline Wilkie said it was encouraging to see the NSW Government continue its commitment to the vital Sydney Metro projects, maintaining funding allocations for Sydney Metro West, Sydney Metro to Western Sydney Airport and Sydney Metro City and Southwest.

“It is critical that we increase the capacity of the rail network to meet growing demand, with faster and more frequent and reliable services,” Wilkie said.

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Chief Executive Adrian Dwyer also shared his thoughts.

“The infrastructure budget still sits under a shadow cast by the Federal Government’s 90-Day Review, with the NSW Government estimating $14.2 billion of Federal infrastructure contributions remain subject to change,” Dwyer said.

“While it is pleasing to see the NSW Government confirm some projects which appeared at risk, the sector really needs certainty on the pipeline it has to deliver.”

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