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Roads of the future at the forefront at 2017 AAPA international conference

Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) is calling for abstracts for the 2017 AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference under the theme “Roads of the Future – Embracing Disruption”.

Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) is calling for abstracts for the 2017 AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference under the theme “Roads of the Future – Embracing Disruption”.A future with change offers opportunities, challenges and excitement. The future of transport and the role that roads play in moving people and goods is facing unprecedented potential disruption.

The 2017 AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference is openly embracing this disruption and will provide a platform to share, consider and plan for the impacts and changes that will make the roads of the future well meshed with the disruption that will come through the digital and physical environments.

AAPA is calling for abstracts for the Conference, which takes place 13 – 16 August next year at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme for the conference is “Roads of the Future – Embracing Disruption”.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts/papers which address the conference themes, covering their concepts and views, findings, outlook and with some consideration of the questions that have been posed.

The intention is to encourage papers with a wide range of styles, from the standard science and engineering spheres through to speculative and opinion based submissions to experience based on road management, maintenance or construction.

Abstract submissions close 31 August, 2016.

Conference Themes: 

  1. Smart and intelligent infrastructure
  • How are the road agencies and builders responding to the challenge of digital disruption?
  • What function do our roads play in the future and what are the materials used in pavement construction?
  • What are the innovations in infrastructure management and how are these impacting on road use?
  • Does the road of the future talk?
  1. Sustainability, recycling and innovation drivers
  • What drivers are there for sustainability calculators?
  • How do sustainability calculators have an impact of materials use?
  • What is happening with RAP products; rejuvenators?
  • Is there a system of reward for innovative opportunities?
  • How is this being explored and developed?
  1. Advances in plant, equipment and new techniques for safety and efficiency
  • Next generation plant and equipment – what will be landing in Australia soon?
  • What is the focal point for change: safety?; efficiency?; environment?
  • How do the improvements in the latest plant and equipment address address the focal points for change.
  • Driverless cars are coming but how close are we to driverless plant and equipment?
  1. Implementing innovative, next generation surfacings – a focus on spray sealing
  • Surface treatments for the future – what needs to change?
  • What is best practice in surface treatments? and why?
  • What is happening in the spray sealing environment across Australia and New Zealand?
  • What are the drivers for innovation in sprayed sealing?
  • Are performance-based specifications a driver to innovation in surface treatments?
  1. Cold products and energy efficiency
  • How far away is cold asphalt?
  • What are the direct environmental and economic benefits?
  • What is the case for adopting cold products?
  • Cold spray sealing utilising high bitumen content emulsions, is it a reality?
  1. Asset management, stewardship arrangements
  • What are the latest tools used to integrate pavement performance and construction planning?
  • What is the next stage of development for the current asset stewardship model arrangements?
  • How can available mobile communications and personal mobile data be used to extract improved road network performance?
  • Will dynamic transport modelling and management improve stewardship allowing safer operations and maintenance activities?
  1. Road maintenance, management and financing
  • How is the public responding to and tolerant of the maintenance task on motorways?
  • What are the drivers for maintenance activities on motorways?
  • Do motorway managers and financiers have a maintenance profile based on material types and what tools are used to keep the roadway operating to capacity?
  • What product performance systems are available to simplify selection and predict maintenance interventions?
  • Do performance based specifications have a future role in road management?
  1. Managerial engagement and Heath and Safety Outcomes
  • Is organisational management a key driver for road worker safety?
  • Does managerial engagement matter?
  • An industry snap shot; are we getting better at saving lives?
  • Delivery of the next step in safety at road work sites
  1. Cutting edge developments in products and systems.
  • Crack, seat and asphalt overly – can we get more value out of old concrete pavements?
  • Perpetual pavements – has the reduced asset maintenance cost been acknowledged?
  • EME2 – does this simplification of strong asphalt pavements offer additional advantages?
  • Does bitumen stewardship and international specifications and test methods matter?

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