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Roads Review: Giving back

This month, we asked the industry’s decision-makers, ‘In what ways is the industry contributing and giving back to the local community?’

Sheridan Jones, General Manager, Marketing & Communications – Coates 

Each year Coates supports local communities with access to equipment and services, as well as our national charities of choice via the Coates Foundation. Throughout our 10-year partnership with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), we’ve delivered critical temporary infrastructure and project support for communities in distress. We’ve also partnered with The Clontarf Foundation, which exists to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem and life skills for young First-Nations men, providing them with work experience, apprenticeships and employment at Coates. Our teams get involved in meaningful community moments. From the board to the branch, giving back to the communities we operate in is something we are all extremely proud of.


Craig Moss​, Manager Capability and Development – Australian Flexible Pavement Association

Transport infrastructure is fundamental to our quality of life. It connects us to our jobs, health services, education, families, and social networks. It allows us to travel safely and permits efficient transport of goods, such as fresh food, clothing, and other essential freight. Road construction and maintenance activities stimulate significant direct and indirect employment opportunities in local communities, boosting local economies. The roads sector supports local communities by promoting sustainable practices and reducing the impact on the environment.


Nirajan Shiwakoti, Associate Professor – RMIT University

Many people don’t realise how much the road and infrastructure industry contributes to the local community. There is the obvious: jobs that develop critical infrastructure, creating a more connected, mobile and accessible society. The industry is also moving us towards a sustainable and tech-enabled future. The $222 million Mickleham Road Upgrade in Melbourne demonstrates how innovative road construction can lead to a significant carbon footprint reduction. The focus of my research is how industry is preparing to meet the infrastructure needs of automated vehicles to ensure public safety – especially how infrastructure communication and vehicles can be protected from cyber-attacks.

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