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ROI’s now open for High Speed Rail

The High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) has opened up Registraitons of Interest (ROI) as industry engagement ramps up on the High Speed Rail project, between Sydney and Newcastle.

The High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) has opened up Registrations of Interest (ROIs) as industry engagement ramps up on the High Speed Rail project between Sydney and Newcastle.

This represents the first stage of the future high speed rail network that when complete will connect Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane, along with regional centres between the four cities.

The Authority extends the invitation for Australian and international businesses, contractors, suppliers, service providers, operators, financiers, and industry bodies to register their interest to participate in upcoming industry engagement opportunities.

They’ll have the chance to provide feedback and insights into local manufacturing and building local workforce skills, optimising city and region shaping opportunities, integrating high-speed rail technologies and identifying optimal packaging strategies for efficient delivery of the works.

The HRSA is tasked with developing a detailed business case that will determine important elements of the network including proposed corridor alignment, potential stations locations, rolling stock, project costs and delivery timeframes.


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Following a competitive open tender process, the Authority recently awarded eight work packages to world-leading expert advisors to assist.

Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King said the project is central to the Federal Government’s vision for the next decade.

“High-speed rail is a nation-shaping investment in supporting a growing and shifting population, better linking skilled workers with employment hubs and enabling our ambitious carbon reduction targets to be achieved,” King said.

“Engaging with industry experts is an opportunity to benchmark best practice and learn from high-speed rail networks across the globe.”

The Sydney to Newcastle rail corridor is the busiest intercity rail line in Australia, with over 14.9 million passengers annually.

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