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SA Motor Accident Commission and Europcar form partnership to drive safety message

SA Motor Accident Commission and Europcar form partnership to drive safety messageSouth Australia’s Motor Accident Commission has formed a partnership with Europcar Australia to improve road safety this summer.

Recognising that driver fatigue is one of the biggest dangers on our roads, Europcar will support the Commission’s Refresh campaign, which is designed to raise awareness of the need to take regular breaks from driving.

Europcar Australia Managing Director, Ron Santiago, said with fatigue contributing to more than one-in-10 fatal car crashes, it was important to address this serious safety concern.

“Driving while tired can be just as dangerous as drink driving and can affect anyone, which is why it’s so important to raise awareness of fatigue road safety messages,” Mr Santiago said.

“Summer is typically a peak period for driving holidays and road trips, which makes it all the more important to promote the need to take regular breaks and stay refreshed when on the road.”

As part of the partnership, all Europcar customers will receive free luggage tags in their vehicles that feature Refresh Your Drive campaign tips. The tips include:

  • Take a break from driving: at least 15 minutes every two hours;
  • Begin your trip after a good night’s sleep;
  • Avoid driving more than eight-to-10 hours in any one day;
  • Avoid driving at times you would normally be asleep; and
  • If possible, share the drive by rotating drivers every two hours.

MAC General Manager Road Safety, Michael Cornish, said fatigue could affect any driver, with crash data spread evenly across all age groups. And fatigue could be even more of a problem in the afternoon than after midnight.

“Fatigue is one of the biggest risks on our roads and managing it depends on drivers assessing their own driving ability, which is why we are pleased that Europcar is supporting the Refresh Your Drive campaign with this pilot program,” Mr Cornish said.

Mr Santiago said Europcar had a proud history of supporting road safety.

“As one of Australia’s leading providers of rental vehicles, we believe it is our obligation to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our customers when they’re on the road, along with the safety of other drivers and passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.”

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