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SIMEX’s asphalt repair technology

Image supplied by Total Rockbreaking solutions.
Material provided by Total RockBreaking Solutions

SIMEX has been offering high-tech solutions for road maintenance, asphalt regeneration, mini and micro trenching, compaction and paving since 1991.

The latest innovation is Simex ART®, a patented technology specifically designed for the regeneration of bituminous conglomerate (asphalt), which reuses 100 per cent of the material present on site without removing the milled material or adding other materials.

The main application is functional road surface maintenance such as repair of branch or alligator cracking, bumps, dips, ripples, potholes and gaps at a depth varying between 30 and 100 mm.

Image supplied by Total Rockbreaking Solutions.
Image supplied by Total Rockbreaking Solutions.

With SIMEX ART road surface distress can be repaired quickly and effectively, without totally disrupting traffic flow because no large machines are required and repair work can be completed by  a small number of workers with a single vehicle containing the necessary equipment.

Significant savings can be achieved as purchasing, handling and transport of new mixes and virgin aggregates is not needed.

SIMEX ART uses only the HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) available on site and supports environmental sustainability as 100 per cent of the materials present on site are recovered and regenerated.


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During the milling phase the SIMEX ART uses an environmentally friendly rejuvenator for the cold regeneration of the mix produced.

Once regeneration is completed using SIMEX ART and compacted by plate or roller compactor, the result is a 100 per cent regenerated bituminous conglomerate which can be driven on immediately.

SIMEX ART minimises disruption on traffic flow and ensures immediate road drivability.

It also ensures that maintenance lasts for a reasonable amount of time, which allows local authorities to plan road maintenance, with significant benefits in terms of road user safety.


SIMEX products have been manufactured in Italy for over 30 years. Simex ART® will be launched onto the Australian market in the second half of 2023. Contact the local SIMEX dealer to express your interest in learning more about the product once more information becomes available.

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