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Site in Focus: SAMI Bitumen Technologies, Laverton North, VIC

SAMI Bitumen Technologies' facility in Laverton North, Victoria is meeting regional market demands and on the verge of growing even further.

SAMI Bitumen Technologies' facility in Laverton North, Victoria is meeting regional market demands and on the verge of growing even further. SAMI Bitumen Technologies is a leading bitumen specialty company in Australia. As the pioneer of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB), SAMI thrives on the successes of innovative and cutting edge technologies in bitumen modification and processing. With bitumen import and processing terminals in Fremantle, Geelong, Port of Brisbane and Port Botany and manufacturing plants for bitumen modification in Fremantle, Camellia, Pinkenba and Laverton North, SAMI is a leading independent bitumen importer and a renowned bitumen specialty manufacturing company in Australia.

The latest state-of-the-art SAMI facility at Laverton North, Victoria opened at the end of 2012 and is already marked for an extension to support the needs of the regional market. This is a testimony of the confidence of the customers in the service provided by SAMI.

Russell Latham, SAMI Bitumen Technologies Business Development Manager Southern Region says, “the complexity of supplying modified bitumen involves the manufacturing of products meeting a series of state and national specifications, requiring extensive storage capabilities to service these diverse needs.

“The Laverton North plant of SAMI has been specifically designed with this in mind,” he adds. “The additional capacity will further enhance flexibility and allow for new product lines”.

The bitumen requirements for the manufacture of modified products come from SAMI’s bitumen import terminal at Corio and it is envisaged that the extension of the Laverton North plant will also directly facilitate the supply of neat bitumen from time to time. With such flexibility in place, the Corio Terminal and the Laverton North plant can cater to a large proportion of the region’s bitumen and modified bitumen market.

“Both sites supply products to a large proportion of the spray-seal and asphalt providers in Victoria, as well as shire councils in the region,” says Mr. Latham. “Geographically, we also supply into the bottom end of NSW and Tasmania, which brings alternative supply options to our customer.”

Gerard Gnanaseelan, SAMI Bitumen Technologies Technical and Victorian Operations Manager, says the Laverton North plant is the leading bitumen modification manufacturer in Victoria and exemplifies the cutting-edge technology leading the Australian market in the bitumen modification.

SAMI Bitumen Technologies partners with its customers to be the leading provider of technologically advanced bituminous binders in Australia. SAMI has facilities all over Australia and in addition to its own fully accredited laboratories, has full access to the Research and Development department of its parent company Colas. The Colas Group is a worldwide leader in the supply of materials for road construction and maintenance. Supported by this strong experience, the manufacturing and processing at Laverton North will deliver the best of worldwide practices to the customer.

The onsite NATA accredited laboratory already features up to date capabilities in the testing of bitumen and modified binder products. The goal is to develop these capabilities further to include an integrated approach to full technical support for the Laverton North plant and the Corio bitumen import facilities.

Much of the success of the SAMI’s newest plant is linked to the experience, commitment and professionalism of its people. The plant was designed in-house with consultation with the operational, technical and quality departments. It is a practical facility and as result is popular with truck drivers due to convenient and fast loading times including the use of onsite amenities.

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