Small machines delivering big benefits

The newest roller and paver from Dynapac is bringing accuracy and ease to Faherty Civil Contractor’s projects in Queensland.

Faherty Civil Contractors recently secured a rail project through a partner working for Queensland Rail.

Tasked with upgrading and expanding rail footpaths at five locations in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, Alan Faherty – Managing Director of Faherty Civil Contractors – knew the project needed quality, reliable machinery.

Mr. Faherty approached the Construction Equipment Australia (CEA) to purchase a Dynapac roller and paver to bolster current and future projects. Having successfully used Dynapac machines before, Mr. Faherty decided to purchase the Dynapac F1200CS tracked paver and the Dynapac CC900 double-drum vibratory roller.

“The number one reason I chose to purchase these machines was that I know them – I have worked with Dynapac for a number of years,” Mr. Faherty says.

Not only will Faherty Civil Contractors be able to use the machines for the Queensland Rail project, but they can also be utilised for other assignments. Currently the machines are also being used for night works, in trenches around Queensland.

“I can use the paver on driveways and place gravel with it because it has the European high compaction speed,” Mr Faherty says. “The roller is particularly accurate, being able to get into smaller spaces. This is an advantage on many projects and that is why we chose the machine.”

For small construction businesses Mr. Faherty says quality of the finished project is key.

“It comes down to the fact that, as a small business, we want our name out there for doing good work and you’ll never get the same result with a shovel and a rake compared to the machines,” he says – explaining that most contractors would hand-lay footpaths, which can lead to poor results.

“With these machines we can run jobs to the millimetre. When you hand-lay footpaths you don’t get as good of a product. These machines help with accuracy and will give us a better end product overall,” says Mr Faherty. The Dynapac CC900 double-drum roller is a member of the smaller asphalt roller family. Primarily used for small-scale compaction work, its 900mm width makes it suitable for pavements, cycle paths or small roads and parking areas.

The F1200CS tracked paver has a laying capacity of 300 tonnes per hour. Its flexibility and compact design make it a good choice for a range of projects. It has a paving speed of up to 27 metres per minute and can be controlled by a remote control.

Remote control capability for the Dynapac tracked paver was a major selling point for Mr. Faherty, enabling improved safety on site as well as increased productivity.

“It’s the first machine of its type in Australia on offer with remote control – an optional extra that we decided to purchase purely because sometimes we work on ground that isn’t very safe and it is key to increase safety on site,” he says.

“Workers can drive it from either side of the street with the remote control. This function can keep workers away from site hazards. Then there is the added benefit that I could use my operator to keep an eye on the paving level at the same time, for example, if we happened to be down a worker on that day,” Mr. Faherty says.

The paver also allows the company to lay gravel due to its ability to achieve a high compaction speed.

The double-barrelled roller enables workers to access relatively small spaces and uphold accuracy, which Mr. Faherty claims is a drawcard for the machine.

“It allows us to go into small spaces with the same capacity for vibration as a bigger roller,” he says. “Most companies in rail works would use wheelbarrows and wacker plates for those kinds of jobs. That is why we use the roller it just gives a better overall product.” Mr Faherty prioritises repeat tenders for his small family business. He relies on equipment that emphasises ease-of-use, safety features, accuracy and high output. “From an operator’s point-of-view, visibility around the machine is great – even from up top,” he says.

“With these machines, it’s easy to learn and use, you can cross over workers on it with ease. Anyone can come from using any other machine and they will be able to work it.”

Another highlight is their reliability. “I know I can stand by them and I know I can do my job without having to worry about breakdowns or anything like that,” he says.

This is not the first time Faherty Civil Contractors have purchased Dynapac products and the service from the CEA that comes with the machines is key.

Mr. Faherty says the CEA have been great for Faherty Civil Contractors to deal with over the years, both during the buying process and afterwards.

“Anyone can buy a machine, but you need someone to be there for the whole process which CEA are,” he says.

“They do repairs, they listen to feedback from me and my team for the future, and they are always willing to have a chat,” Mr Faherty says.

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