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Smart traffic solutions for connected cities

Discover the value of reliable device connectivity as a critical component of smart traffic solutions.

Discover the value of reliable device connectivity as a critical component of smart traffic solutions.

Are you ready to shape and unlock the future of Smart Traffic connectivity?

Sapply, in collaboration with Digi International, invites you to an insightful webinar where we’ll delve into the latest trends and innovations in smart traffic solutions. This conversation is essential for anyone invested in the future of connected infrastructure.

In this one-hour presentation, attendees will learn about:

  • Cellular connectivity benefits for adaptive control traffic systems using SCATS or NTCIP protocols
  • Why cellular connectivity is the best choice for traffic system communications, and a complement to existing fiber
  • The current and future value of high-performance communications network to every intersection
  • How to best secure end-to-end communications on a cellular connectivity network
  • A case study on New York city, one of the busiest cities in the world, where 14,000 traffic intersections were connected by commercial cellular technology
  • And more!

In a quickly evolving world, the focus is shifting towards improving the connectivity infrastructure that underpins traffic management solutions. Antiquated traffic systems lead to costly and sometimes dangerous in-person repairs and prevent infrastructure modernisation due to accommodating their maintenance.

Experts will discuss strategies for integrating IoT cellular-capable devices, enabling hardware to be remotely updated, secured, monitored, and more – which means cost savings down the line and a safer city for everyone.

Join us for a discussion on enhancing transport efficiency, improving road networks, boosting traffic capacity without expanding roads, and improving safety as we strive to reduce the road toll towards zero in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Steve Mazur, Public Sector Sales Director, Digi International
  • Randi De Silva, Technical Account Manager, SAPPLY


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